Transitioning between Two Worlds

Transitions. Gets kind of tiring, doesn’t it? To always have change in our lives? This is one thing that’s given: change is a constant.

Right now, especially, many of us are in the season of transitions. In my household, our 5-year-old is leaving his pre-school of four years, from the loving hands of those who guided and nurtured him, to attend kindergarten. Oddly enough, it seems harder on the mom than it does on the child.

And, of course, for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is starting to wind down. School, and the pace of life that some are used to, will begin again this fall.

With this change of seasons, and the colder days that seep in, there is a sadness for some, and a relief for others. Coupled with the intense energy of the upcoming solar eclipse (August 21st – we will be going to Wyoming to witness this exquisite event) and our current state of Mercury in retrograde (causing communication “breakdowns” most famously but also can jump-start stuck areas too!), there is A LOT that people are feeling right now.

It can be hard to put our finger on what it is exactly, just a general buzzing feeling, like a waiting of some kind. Waiting for what? Well, a lot. I personally feel like I am living in between two worlds these days, with one foot in a spiritual realm, noticing the grand shift that is happening, and one foot in the practical world, one in which many still seem to be unaware of or not tuned in to massive transition in and around Earth (although this is changing). It can be disorienting to be in a group meditation, feeling so uplifted and at ease, to then shift to being stuck in traffic on the way to work with emails to respond to and meetings to attend.

How can these two worlds be reconciled? It’s still a balancing act for many of us. We can feel torn, pulled in both directions. Many of us feel, and are told, that we are moving away from an inequitable capitalistic system of paper money, but then we are still stuck dealing with paying our skyrocketing bills and mortgages/rent. It can feel vastly unfair.

I believe (as do many in the circles I frequent these days) is that there are frequencies, or systems of consciousness, battling it out right now. A frequency of fear/anger/control is flaring up, desperate to keep its hold on the general public (especially Americans). Luckily, the frequencies of love, healing and truth (for love is the strongest of all) are also flaring up, and more and more people are essentially being activated to help summon up love, and spread it around, simply by wishing love and sending compassion to others through meditation and prayer. I believe that this is now my task as well. Through my studies working with the angelic realm in particular, I have personally been uplifted and comforted. But I need to remember to tap in all the time, especially now.

And we all do. Don’t do this alone. Reach out to people who understand you. Ask higher guidance to help you along. Simply envisioning light in your body, in your heart and from your crown chakra to your root chakra and below (into the Earth), can be incredibly healing. There is too much happening for us to continue to feel separated. It’s not normal and it’s not healthy. So get out and find your people if you haven’t already! (In fact some of us already connecting, sharing light and supporting each other in the Soulful Work Community and we welcome you joining us virtually or in-person– if you’re local or not!).

In the meantime, be sure to protect yourself from all that’s out there. Bubbles of light, energy shield, protective stones/crystals, sage, grounding with the Earth, visualization and clearings, all are super important – when we remember to do them!

Wishing you expansion, trust and strength during this crazy yet important and uplifting time.


Other opportunities to connect: August 27th on accessing your higher guidance/intuition, August 29th on co-creating your life with the “real” law of attraction. And September 10th on moving energy in the body with colors and oils. Then a virtual workshop on September 12th – for anyone anywhere – to finally begin to break free from fears that plague us and hold us back in so many ways. And lastly, a deep dive on September 14th into the power of Archangel energy to heal and transform in all moments.

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