Reconnecting with Divine Source Energy

magic in the first letter of a name (sent to me by my sister)

I believe that so much of our suffering in this world comes simply from the fact that many of us have lost our connection with that greater, loving energy that is within and that binds all of us. I will call this Divine Source energy for the purpose of this piece, although this energy is more commonly known as God. Feel free to use whatever term with which you are most comfortable.

Life is a mystery, that this mystery, I believe, is Divine Source energy, or love. We each carry pieces of this source energy within us. As it feels so out of our grasp, it carries the essence of mystery and not being real. But when we can tap into the love and the co-creative powers that lie within us, we can learn to embody that sense of wonder that is the essence of this energy. And that sense of wonder leads to curiosity and experiencing life fully, with a sense of joy, purity and oneness with all that is.

When we become more aware of the God-like essence within us, we can begin to reestablish our connection with who we really are, which is that we are pieces of this Divine Source energy.

Here are a few ways to do this, in my perspective:


1)    Every day, simply imagine that light is flowing into your body in the top of your head, like sunlight. Then imagine this light flowing up and down from your head to your toes in both directions. This activates something and is simply just healing in all ways. Also, it can shift energy within you, which means that the experiences around you also begin to shift (as everything is based on this web of energy)!

2)    Send out thoughts of kindness to others. When we feel love within us, and when we allow ourselves to love ourselves wholly and unconditionally, we are at peace with who we are, in “right relations” with ourselves. We can then be aligned also with the world, as vessels receiving and sharing light.

3)    Set aside 3-5 minutes every day to quiet your mind. When we intentionally relax the natural tension that we pick up from everyday life in our bodies, then we can more fully embody this inner peace. Our physical bodies manifest what we experience emotionally, and vice-versa. Then, when we can get control of our “monkey minds” by developing focus, concentration and clarity, we can become masters of harnessing this God-like energy that is already within us for our highest and best use and for the betterment of the world.

With the suffering that comes with being human, having a strong core and connection to our inner light, and to the light and guidance that is all around us, connecting to a Divine and loving Source, keeps us strong and grounded.

For people imprisoned or in other circumstances of extreme suffering, meditation and going into this Divine essence of themselves can help them cope with unimaginable situations.

As long as we make an effort and set an intention to connect with light and Divine Source energy, we can be like mountains in storms, in calm and in sun.

For me, this connection is what has purely and simply kept me going and helped me expand and even share this with others. (Join me for a free online class, How to Hear Your Spiritual Guides on Wednesday November 14th to enhance your intuitive connection!)

How do you connect with Divine Source energy in your life? Please share in the comments here!

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