You Are Not Broken.

Many of us feel very conflicted about social media and the internet. There is so much information, too much, that it can feel like trying to drink from a garden hose when you get on. And there are many people scrambling to be seen in this haven for narcissism. Is it their fault? Not necessarily.

Some take advantage of the idiosyncrasies in human psychology to get people to follow or buy stuff from them. I myself fell prey to this for a while.


When we get convinced that we are not enough, that we don’t have inner knowing, then we give our power away to others. There is a very subtle mechanism out there with the obsession with the unrealistic lives of celebrities, with comparing our lives to the lives of others, that is designed to make us feel bad about ourselves. And believe that we are less than perfect. Yes, of course we are all growing and evolving and there is help out there, but I don’t believe it should come at the cost of our self-esteem or trying to convince us that we are broken, when in fact we are perfect and whole and just human.

I try to use social media to share light and help people evolve beyond the confines of ego and to then share their own unique gifts with a world that badly needs all the help it can get. But it’s tricky for me even to not fall into the trap of giving my power away and not trusting myself. And for you out there reading this, I believe the same for you. You are not broken. You are filled with wisdom and light and much to give to the world. But it’s just about clearing away the clouds of societal programming and shedding the layers of fears/worries/false stories so you can fully emerge.

For me, it all comes down to quieting my mind in meditation every single day and learning to trust my intuition in all that I do. And of course working through the negative thought chatter and internal limiting beliefs to re-program my brain and my energetic self. It’s a gift to be in this new flow and I hope the same can be true for you.

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