The Power of Light (to Help with Basically Anything)

It is January, and we can feel a bit of the “post-holiday” let-down feeling these days. And here in Maine, even with the beautiful snow coating the ground, it is frigid today.

Even though there’s lot of heavy stuff out there these days, I truly do believe that there is a shift in a positive direction happening, that we have made the switch to moving toward light and healing. Of course, the darkness will still flare up and try to continue to create fear and division, but it’s already happening. People are awakening and the light is prevailing. News like this plant in Kenya making drinking water from the ocean shows us that there is so much to be hopeful for!

One of the greatest tools we have for our collective healing is to learn the power of light. When we feel like we want to help so much of the suffering in the world, certainly taking action is important, but one of the most important things we can do is simply to spread light.

And what is light exactly and why should we want to spread it? The way I conceive of it is that light is a flow of love. It is powerful, cleansing energy that comes directly from a Divine source (otherwise known as God). This light is generated in our bodies from our souls, and lives within us, and all around us. While we can control how strong this light flows and where we direct it, it also flows on its own, just like a river that flows freely when blockages are removed.

But no one ever taught us how to work with our own energy (light) this in school, and most of our parents did not know about this. There are a lot of reasons that I believe this was hidden from us – one of those is that they (as those ruling things) knew that if we figured out how powerful we really were, that we could not be controlled. This is all changing though, as we are in a new age of healing and taking our freedom back.

And then does this mean exactly, to “spread light?” Well, it’s really quite simple, actually. We imagine light flowing in to our hearts and out to the world. Often, we can intend for the light to flow specifically to other people, friends and strangers.

Everything is about our intention. Sometimes people think that lightning is supposed to strike from on high, and that things will just happen to us. I myself used to believe, if all this spirit stuff is real, then why didn’t I know about it? In addition to the secret about truth about how energy works being kept from us, there is another factor at play as to why we do not feel energy and light in our lives more than we do.

That factor is the law of free will. As humans, we are given the ability to make choices in our lives. If we choose to be cut off from light, from God, or from other people, then we can make that choice. Our spiritual guides and angels generally follow this law of non-intervention in human affairs (except for in extreme circumstances), and they wait for us to ask for their help.

There is a lot more I would love to share with you about this, but for the sake of space and your time, I will save for another time.

If you’re feeling really stuck though, please reach out.


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