Let Yourself Rest (to Integrate the Energies)


Dear warrior of the light,

It feels like time to rest. I don’t know about you, but I have been going full steam ahead for the past 8 months (has it really been 8 months since the world was turned upside down)?

During this past week, I paused and enjoyed time with my family, and three different meals of “thanks giving” (even though I acknowledge that many Native people actually view this day as one of mourning).

As many of you know, when the “lockdown” started here in the U.S., I was on alert for what was being attempted. Anticipating what was coming, we made plans to move out of the city suburbs and into rural country and planned to begin homeschooling our kids.

After spending months in “activation” mode, I have now shifted into a new approach.

And it is simply this: love.

Love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, unity and empathy. 

Love is the answer. Yes, there are a lot of things to be angry about, and even a few things that may scare us, but often these are triggers. When we can transmute these feelings into the powerful forces of love and healing, we will help humanity heal and assist us all in shifting into the vibration of the New Earth. It is happening right now.

At first, I was worried that not enough people were “waking up” to help bring us into higher dimensional consciousness. But I have noticed that so many clients from around the world are having spiritual awakenings, and are stepping into their soul purposes of sharing their unique gifts, healing past life trauma, breaking ancestral patterns, and having the courage to clear the shadows from the Ego self (a very important step that takes a lifetime of work).

I am now fully confident that the old, broken 3D systems are crumbling, becoming more and more unsustainable (as we see in how miserable they are), to allow the new way of alternative sub-societies to emerge.

For me personally, I have released a lot of fear. I play the game of dipping in and out of the 3D world when I need to, but I now fully know and understand this:

I am free. I am free. I am free. 

We are all free! This is a Divine law – the law of free will. For those of us who do not give away our freedom to another human to “fix’ or “save” us (yes, this savior complex is an issue many of us still need to clear), we are sovereign beings, always.

When we take back responsibility for our actions, for our choices, for who we are, and have the courage to admit when we were wrong, and to improve ourselves, we are expanding in our consciousness and becoming the beings of light and Divine power that we truly are.

And for those of you ready to help others do this, I am extending the Intuitive Guide Certification Program Early Bird deadline through December 15th.) Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make money from spiritual work anymore. This is absolutely not true, as people need help more than ever to sort out what is happening! Those of us doing intuitive work are in high demand. If you are ready to do this too, step up to the plate and learn how to shine your light, build your confidence and trust that when you are doing your soul work, you will ALWAYS be provided for – and more! The only thing holding us back are our own doubts and fears. When we align with the vibration of flow, we allow flow!


Message from the Energy of the Buddha of the Ascended Masters

Allow the Integration

You deserve to rest. You have been through so much.

More is happening deep within your cells than you know. This is an exciting and pivotal time.

We encourage you to unplug from the noise around you and go within. The only truth is that which is found within your heart.

Image by John Thomas of Unsplash

Image by John Thomas of Unsplash

What speaks to you when you close your eyes and connect with your inner being? What wants to be heard? What wants to be seen?

Fear will often emerge in these times. Your fear has information for you. It has messages. It wants to be given permission to emerge so it can be released from your body. Let it go. It may have been there for eons.

Do not worry about “doing” right now. Rest. Notice. Observe. Find joy in small moments.

You will soon exit from your cocoons as the most luminous beings you can imagine. Some of you are already beginning to do so. Others feel more comfortable to stay inside their nest for longer. But soon, more and more will long to stretch their legs and soar into the sky.

Allow the love to flow. The love you generate from your hearts is pure power. It is the only tool that will heal humanity.

This starts with learning to love yourself. Allow the love to flow into the dark places. You will be safe. You will be cared for as you evolve.

We are here for you always, and we send you our everlasting love.


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