How We Can Be in 2021 (Co-Creating Our Lives!)

Dear friends,

I am wishing you each a blessed 2021 as we conclude one of the craziest years surely ever experienced by humanity.

I celebrated my 43rd birthday yesterday, and it was an interesting day. I share a bit more about this in this video.

As we move into 2021, let’s focus on what we want to be, as I share in the channeled message below.

We know what we DON’T want (oppression, restrictions, fear, division, cowardice, etc), and instead of holding that vibration in our field, let’s bring in the opposite of that (freedom, connection, joy, love, courage, strength).

This is a WHOLE new way of being, friends! It is about focusing on how it feels in our bodies to be aligned with our truth.

When we are making a certain choice or taking a certain action, how does that feel in our body? Does it feel expansive or does it feel confining? Does that choice or action make you feel strong, brave and proud or does it make you feel small, shrinking inward and denying your true self?

We each will make different choices based on our own personal vibrations.

But at all costs, we must learn that we create our realities! Slowly, many of us are learning what this means. When we consistently have certain thoughts or beliefs, our outer world reflects the experiences mirroring this vibration back to us.

So let’s make it a good one! Write down in the positive and present tense how you WANT to be and how you want to FEEL in 2021 (you can use this free Envisioning Your Future Self tool and listen to this 5D Future Self meditation to anchor it in). Focus especially on creating the opposite of what you don’t want, to bring more of that into your life.

For instance, “I am free. I am strong. I am able travel at will and have deep connections with loved ones. I am in control of my body at all times. I am a sovereign being sharing truth, light and love with those around me.”

The New Earth is here. It is being built right now. It is happening in private homes, outside in nature, and with the help of our Divine guides and Creator/God/Goddess/Source energy. Please don’t forget to ask your guides/angels (like your guardian angel in this angel meditation) especially to help you in anything you choose! They will help. They will send you a sign/response/message, sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes in takes a few days. No matter what it’s about (relationships, money, health, career)… notice what limiting thoughts/beliefs you have blocking your “highest self vibration” and ask for help to clear them! Money can be a big one. It took me a few years, but I was able to clear out the worries.

Here are a few powerful mantras:”There is more where that came from.” “I trust that I am always provided for. Abundance flows freely within and all around me.”

When we align with these new ways of being, with mantras, self-care, connecting with our Divine guides, we step into our true spiritual essence as co-creators in this new paradigm.

May we step into our truth and align with the flow with every movement!


A Message from the Creator through the Christed Self

How to Be in the New Year

Many of you are wondering how to be in this new year.

What should you do? Where should you go? What should you focus on?

What if there were no one right answer? The answer is simply that which feels aligned in your body at that moment.

When you ask to be guided by your higher self, by light, by Divine sources of love, you will know what to do. Your heart will help you.

This is the new time of just feeling your way through. The old ways are gone. You will find yourself wanting to slip into old patterns out of habit, or out of comfort.

Can you sit with the idea that the new way is here, and that it will feel so much better to you?

Allow yourself to dream. Allow yourself to create what kind of life you long for. Release any limitations you put on yourself, or others try to place on you out of their own fears.

Simply just create the vibration, and watch life unfold to allow that vibration to come into reality.

When you come from love in all that you do, you are birthing the New Earth. When you come from strength and truth and courage, you are helping to lead others, who may have been afraid.

Those of you who feel emboldened, step up! You are being called upon to set the tone. Be the one! Lead yourselves to freedom and healing.

Please know that this is a hopeful time. Do not allow the false timeline that you are seeing around you to deceive you. It is a veil, and when you pull back the veil, the communal society of humans supporting humans is underneath.

We are here to guide you. All of us, the masters, the angels, the benevolent beings of light. Please ask us. You will find magic all around you when you open your eyes to see.

You are stepping through the doorway into the world of heaven on Earth. Into your version of paradise. You choose the adventure. You choose the setting. You choose how it will be.

In the Spirit of Love and of All That Is…

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