Nature is the Best Medicine

When don’t understand why something is happening, we can just pause and go within.

Being in nature, for me, is the best medicine.

A few days ago, I was walking in our backyard woods with the kids and just observing the flow of the stream. In my mind, I was asking for guidance from Mother Nature for how to proceed in helping with this massive shift in consciousness, during what seems like a scary time to many. And then, a flash of white caught my eye. It was three white-tailed deer. We watched them from a distance, and saw their white tails prance away fleetingly. We have seen deer a few times this past year, right in our backyard earlier this winter.

We marveled at them (and they get away really fast!), and then I remembered that the Deer Spirit is about gentleness and patience. It reminded me that, like the Deer, I can use these traits in my own approach to this situation.

In reflecting on this situation deeper, I recalled that a few months ago, I had a dream about a giant wave. I was standing on a cliff and watching a giant wave crash over some houses and a town, causing destruction in its path. It was getting close to me and I was worried if I would get swept away by it. I asked the wave, “What message do you have for me?” and it told me not to fight the current, but to ride the wave.

Looking back now, I see that this dream may have been preparing me for this time, of the crumbling of many broken systems, perhaps of modern capitalism, which has been the foundation of our economy. Sadly, this crumbling is affecting people right now in a challenging way. But, as the Tower card of the Tarot teaches us, sometimes a dramatic incident is needed to “re-set” a way of living that no longer serves the collective.

Let’s be gentle with ourselves while we ride the wave, trusting that it’s carrying us to a better place.


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