The Collective Detox is Here


I hope you are holding on in the midst of the storm.

So many are experiencing deep pain right now. Lots of the shadows are being exposed, and all the suffering for thousands of years is being released.

Some people are expressing this by acting out in pure irrational paranoia, which looks kind of like insanity. Awakening to the sad truth of what has been done to us by those in control through mind manipulation and social conditioning, which is happening right now but much more blatantly. The cards are all being laid out, and yet some are still in denial of the reality of the level of programming, including the horrors of child trafficking (Jeffrey Epstein was once considered a crazy conspiracy theory, and sadly the rabbit hole goes much, much deeper). The truth is not comfortable or pretty, yet to ignore this is to deny the level of human suffering that we can begin to stop.

When we take time to quiet our minds, we begin to see more clearly and find some peace. Listening to music like this sound healing from my friend Ben Carroll can help keep our vibration aligned with love and energy clearing. I also find that reading certain information, like the book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, can help activate our inner remembrance (knowing that being discerning of what resonates with you and what doesn’t). This book contains details about the history of humans from our galactic origins, ancient Egypt and the beings of light who helped our ancestors, sacred geometry and the Merkaba, the energy field around our bodies. To put it simply, it describes how we are God, how consciousness came to be, and that all is one.


Releasing Judging and Shaming

In this video, I share some thoughts on moving past the condemning, judging, shaming and censoring of others’ views. Ultimately we all want the same thing I think – a healthy world in which we all can thrive. We may have different ideas of how we can get there, but can we stop telling other people their views are “dangerous, irresponsible or reckless?” Can we stop allowing an article or news source to tell us how to think? Maybe when we pause, take a deep breath and connect with light, we may see a different perspective. And maybe each of our perspectives is okay.

Clearing any negative energy is really important too, and I share a few ideas of how to clear heavy emotions or energy.

Let’s remember that we are all in the same situation, going through collective trauma and stress. Let’s be more kind to each other and tolerant of freedom of opinion, speech and expression, while protecting our health and safety. We can do both at the same time – they are not mutually exclusive. I think that’s the kind of world we all want. May it be so.

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