Disengaging from the 3D

We ARE birthing the New Earth, one by one!! It’s happening, it’s been predicted and we still in the painful part of the birthing process!

In a time of extreme polarity, we are undergoing deep healing and an awakening. I believe that those who are in darkness are now showing themselves very clearly for who they are, so more humans can open their third eye and awaken and no longer allow their minds to be controlled. (And sadly some of those people are fighting very strongly right now and attacking others – family and friends and strangers – who are challenging their worldview, which is a protective mechanism of the Ego self..)

And then the healing begins and as we begin to grieve the deep, deep pain of believing something (well lots of things) that were false and grieving having been so separated from our true, highest selves, from Source, from God.

We are in this age.. but you won’t hear about it on the news. The political arena is simply just illusion and 3D low vibrations that we are being asked to disengage from. Anything that creates fear or anger is not serving us.. so remove your energy from that! While going into the shadow work, also find joy as much as possible. Connect with friends, share food, share ideas, help someone in need, share your light and gifts as we each continue to heal from our collective traumas.

Right now, we are seeing the shadows right front and center, in our individual lives and collectively… And this is good since we can’t treat what we can’t see. We must begin to acknowledge the sad, and even horrifying, things that some we have trusted have been involved in, so we can begin to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated and our minds controlled.

Still, we are being asked remove our energy from politics, as pretty much ALL of them are actors in a grand, false play meant to distract us from the true saviors of humanity… which are our inner selves.

There is always light in darkness.. Everyone has good in them and we are being asked to see that even those who have engaged in very dark things can come into the light. And even if they don’t, we can disengage from them.

Let’s create our realities that we want to live in, and many of us are already doing this. Coming together in love, allowing ourselves to heal, and living in our little enclaves of free, Earth-aligned living. Ultimately, we all want the same thing. We want to thrive, we want to be happy, healthy and free. We all just have differing ways of how to get there.

But, let’s not allow those who do not have our best interests in mind to tell us what to think or do – we as individuals, neighbors and humans have the power and our hearts will guide us.

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