It’s All About Perspective (3D to 5D)

pink sunset Rachel

It’s hard to wrap our brains around what’s happening right now. The pressure is intense. We are getting exhausted.

How do we cope and find any moment of joy or hope with all of the heaviness and heartache around us?

The answer is, I believe, to shift our focus. To reframe our perspective. Let’s examine this from the 3D (the old way of Ego and separation) and the 5D (the new way of unity and love).

On the one hand, from the 3D perspective, the world around us looks like it’s burning and descending into never-ending chaos. Many people are suffering, whether from illness, fear, anxiety or restrictions on basic human rights and freedoms. Many of us are concerned about the kind of world we are creating.

On the other hand, from the 5D perspective, this is the great shifting. We are seeing the darkness, the controls, the chaos that has always been buried beneath the surface now right in front of our faces. We are seeing all this because we are shifting out of it. The light is shining so brightly that all the cracks, shadows and crevasses are being seen. The light is so so strong. There is so much hope for what we are birthing. The Earth is moving into 5th dimensional frequency, and we humans are going through this ascension process to align our light-bodies with that frequency!

How much will it take for humans to awaken? This much. As much as it takes for them to see the truth beneath the illusions.

So when we unplug from the news, when we choose not to focus on all that we are letting go of, we see the possibilities unfolding.

When I was sick with the “big C”, I had the choice of viewing the experience as either a spiritual attack (3D view) or a purging and energetic upgrade (5D view).

Now, I understand why I had to go through this. It was humbling. It helped me develop more compassion. And it forced me to stop the constant doing/working and to just be – to integrate the powerful energies of 5D consciousness.

Similarly, many of us are experiencing changes now. In jobs, friendships, relationships. We can view them as losses (3D) or as vibrational re-alignments (5D).

It’s all about perspective, as I am shown again and again in the Akashic Records.

We are learning so many soul lessons right now. We can feel frustrated with so much “old stuff” re-surfacing… baggage that we thought we had dealt with and healed. But it’s coming up again so we can clear any lingering obstacles once and for all. We need all shadows cleared so our light can fully shine!

Allow yourself to grieve. Allow the emotions to flow. Release the emotions – slap paint on paper, run around and dance to loud music, or go in the woods and scream. Cry.

Give yourself time and space to just be. This is the 5D way. Being. Not doing all the time.

Then, when you feel a shifting, let the sunlight stream on your face. Go outside and lie on the Earth until you feel better. Then notice where there is flow, where there is energy in your life and push into that.

We can do this. We are coming out of the birth canal into the New Earth. We are still being squeezed, though, which is uncomfortable.

But if we can trust that this is the global awakening that has been predicted for thousands of years, and believe me, it’s really happening, then we can shift our attention to the amazing healing, unity, love, connection and joy that is here for us now.

You can help shift consciousness with your light work – stay tuned for more to come on the 2022 Intuitive Guide Soulful Work Method program I will be offering in January.

A Prayer for Humanity

The other night I sat outside in the full moon, bathing in the white, lunar luminescence. And when I listened to the breeze blowing through the trees, making them knock their branches together, and heard the trickling stream in the woods while the clouds floated in the front of the moon that was illuminating my dormant garden bed, I felt power. Great, deep power of Divine light.

It’s hard to feel it with all the chaos in the collective, largely fueled by the media circus. But while we can pray for those who are suffering, ill or in fear, it really does not serve us to take on their pain.

In fact, the best we can do is to go outside in nature (this has been coming up a lot in Akashic Records readings I’m doing for others), to allow Mother Earth to clear our energy. Hug a tree. Lie on the ground. Allow Gaia, Divine guides, angels to lift you up and help you rise above the fray.

We can do this. We are needed to help those who are confused or in great need of healing. They will be crossing that rainbow bridge into higher states of consciousness, as you are.

And we can walk with them, holding their hand, with guidance, reassurance and gentleness.

May it be so.

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