When We Are Forced to Pause

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Dear brave, brave one,

I have been thinking about you all for a week or so now. Since I last communicated with you, I hosted an incredible retreat with 9 women, finished the 2nd draft of my book, hosted a full moon release ceremony, danced around the fire with the Soulful Work Community of friends, and then my body said – stop. It’s time to stop going and going and going.

I got sick. I hardly ever get sick. But I got slammed.

I have been trying to decide how to share the experience I have just had. And well, I’m just going to share it to help those experiencing the same or who are scared they might.

Chris and I just went through two of the most intense weeks of our lives. We were quite sick with what we eventually realized was that which they call Covid. It was the sickest I have ever been. And when both of your kids are fine and energetic, it can be quite challenging to say the least.

While I will spare you the details, I will share a bit of what did help us. I am not a medical expert, and I encourage you to do your own research as to what feels right for you body and consult with a naturopathic doctor or someone like that. Please trust your intuition as to what will work for your body.

We took a variety of supplements including Quertecin, Vitamin C, NAC, black cumin seed, Vitamin D, a nebulizer of peppermint, pine needle tea, nettle tea and a tonic of grapefruit/lemon peels, turmeric and honey that some caring friends dropped off for us. We followed this FLCCC protocol that our naturopathic doctor recommended (while I don’t agree with all of what is contained in there, it helped). And we took Ivermectin, which we were able to obtain thankfully (and which many people are shockingly unable to find as most doctors will not prescribe this, even though it is life-saving medicine). I was hesitant to take this, as I do not like taking medication, but I was concerned if we did not. And I am very glad that we did.

I have not fully processed this experience yet. I will say that during our illness, I prayed. I cried. At one point I wondered if I would ever get back to my normal self again where I could move around without getting tired every few minutes.

I communicated with some other friends who were sick as we tried to help each other. A few friends were quite ill. The Ivermectin likely saved their lives.

When I finally had the energy to meditate and go into the Akashic Records, I picked up on why I experienced this virus. It was for me to understand. To have balance. to have deeper compassion for the suffering of others. I needed to have more of a sense of what it feels like to be in a position I am often not used to being in. It was humbling. I am still learning from it.

I have been very concerned about the health of some who go through this. In the Akashic Records, the guidance I received was to trust. To trust that all would receive that which they need if they get sick. And also, I received a message that was a challenging one for me to hear as I want to help save as many lives as possible. But the message was “Humans will eventually learn not to fear death.” When a soul chooses to exit its body, it is a transition to a new form, not an ending. And while we try to keep ourselves and others in good health, death does not need to be so feared. Someday I may accept this message, although it does not mean I will allow others to die unnecessarily.

And some people will choose to make other choices, such as masks and vaccines, to keep themselves healthy. I am learning to honor these choices, and for some they may be the right choice. In the Records, I was shown that for many humans, especially children, their bodies will be able to filter out toxins put into their bodies with the light that is protecting them. Let’s pray that it is so.

I will be sharing more about my experience in some way or another in the coming time. It was like a rite of passage, a birthing into light and into a new way of being. It was a purging and a detoxification of the old shadows within myself. And it was much more than that, which I am still uncovering.

Thank you for reading and for hearing my story. I love you all.

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