Winter Solstice Energy

solstice meditation

Dear energy integrator,

We are just coming out of a full moon, and the energy of the Winter Solstice, on December 21, 2021 (12/21/21) is with us.

I took some time to connect with Divine guidance about what we can do for this winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the beginning of Winter, and the time when the sun begins to return and the days get longer again. The ancient people on Earth were deeply in tune with nature, and would honor the cycles of season change, tapping into and the energies of Gaia (Mother Earth).

I believe these energies are what the guidance (who referred to themselves as the Legions of Angels to me) are trying to help us focus on. You’ll notice that there is nothing special we “have” to do. Just the intention is what’s important, and being outside (and if you’re in the Soulful Work Community, we can’t wait to see you for a special solstice fire release ceremony on 12/21 – but if you miss it, join me for the weekly virtual meditation on 12/22)! Hope you enjoy.

Solstice Message from the Legions of Angels:

On the solstice, take some time to reconnect with Mother Earth, with your spirit and with other human souls. This does not have to be any sort of elaborate ritual. It’s simply just about your intention and in allowing in the energy.

You are aware that when you meditate you are allowing in energy, and light. During this time period, on December 21, 2021 in particular, you are simply allowing in more around this day. It’s a very good time to receive light!

Sitting around a fire is nice. Making a circle with hemlock, fir or other coniferous boughs invites in the cyclical nature of life, of the seasons and of God.

You may each want to have a candle to hold. This reminds you of your inner light that you carry within. Your inner light will guide you through this tumultuous time. And it will remind you of how you are needed to carry that light, to hold a torch in the darkness. To give others hope.

Give thanks to the sun. Give thanks to the moon. Give thanks to your blessed Mother, the Earth. Open your hearts in gratitude. Celebrate renewal. Honor the trees, the water, the wind, the elements around you.

Spend some time in quiet and allow us to send you love. Fill yourself up to the brim with our love.

We send you our deepest respect and bow to you and your bravery, carrying the torch of light for humanity.

– Channeled by the Legions of Angels

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