How to Keep Going

Dear one who is light in human form,

In this intense and massive shift in consciousness, we are experiencing constant pulls to engage with the 3D matrix and get sucked back into its systems of fear, division, manipulation, coercion and oppression. It can be tricky to navigate, to hold the light and the hope for what is possible. We start to doubt and wonder if the beautiful New Earth actually is coming, and if we are actually able to help those we know and love awaken and move into higher levels of consciousness.

Remember that humanity has to move through the valley of the shadow of death to come out into the light. We are passing through those shadows right now, like going through the dark tunnel of a birth canal.

We are being asked, over and over, to stand for sovereignty. It can feel exhausting and hard when we are disappointing others. Yet, this embodying of our truth is essential right now. It’s how we help shift consciousness in the human collective.

As below, so above.

How do we do this?

Ask your heart what feels right.

Notice in your body which decision feels aligned and which feels tight/stuck. I like to invoke the serenity prayer

God, grant me the Serenity

To accept the things I cannot change…

Courage to change the things I can,
And Wisdom to know the difference.

We can invoke acceptance of the loss and separation, courage to speak and embody this light and truth, and wisdom to know when to compromise. (Here’s how you can do this in a recent impromptu video I made).

This is how we help bring in healing, light and 5D living. I feel it upon us… in fact it is already here when we choose to live in that reality.

Can we trust that light is on the other side?

Can we allow others whom we do not understand to have their own experiences and to awaken at their own pace?

Can we find the courage to share our light and wisdom in service to others who are in confusion, fear and anxiety about the state of the world?

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This week we experienced some powerful lessons in death with birds of prey. It started when the kids and I drove by something on the side of the road. I saw it, turned around and noticed it was a dead hawk. We decided to bring it home to bury it and honor its life. I also knew that this hawk had a message for us… rising above, keen sight, intuition.

Then, a hawk killed one of our chickens (the first time we had lost one) while they were roaming around our yard – and we were home inside. I found the chicken’s body. We took this particularly hard. But we knew that this other hawk was merely seeking out food.

And so the cycle of life continues. Grieving a loss, and yet allowing the predator to continue to live. The hawk is here to teach us. Lethality and survival. Intuition and sharp wit. Forgiveness and compassion for our enemies.

And we contemplate how to keep our chickens safe but also allow them to still enjoy their lives by free ranging when they can. Just like many of our lives today – choices weighing risks v safety, freedom v isolation.

I will always choose a life that was well lived.

While I wish she had lived longer, I am glad that Gretel (our hen) had a happy 8 months of her life living freely and happily. And that she lived it to the fullest.

Let’s focus on the joy ahead of us.

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