What It Means to Be Human

Dear one who chose to be here now,

We now enter a time of spring, with peepers around us, crocuses and daffodils blooming and the days getting longer and warmer.

As I was standing on a cliff over the ocean with my daughter the other morning, surrounded by other openly-smiling humans with their faces soaking up the sun, I felt the healing. I felt the shifting. It almost brought me to tears – Mother Earth letting us know it’s all going to be okay.

Back in the 3D world, still we are seeing an upsurge in the dark powers trying to exert every effort to create a dystopian nightmare. Yet, it cannot succeed.

In spite of most people being still under mental conditioning, many, many people are awakening to the truth of what’s been going on for thousands of years, since the Roman empire, and before that.

We are birthing the Age of Aquarius. It has been predicted, and it is unfolding as such. What we are seeing is essentially, “how much will it take for humanity to wake up?” The dark forces will get louder and louder, as they are. And that is only because the light is getting stronger and stronger!

I feel it is my moral duty to speak up, in the hopes that some will listen to their hearts rather than do what others are doing, with the incredibly invasive questions that many choose to ask others these days. This is not for the greater good, this is manipulation through shaming and threat of ostracizing. (Anyone remember a time when groups of people were excluded from the society, told to ride in the back of the bus or not use the water fountains)?

There is a false narrative that we have been sold by the wolves in sheep’s clothing, otherwise known as the media and governmental agencies. The end game always was maximum greed and profit at best; control over humanity at worst.

When will we learn that, while there are mostly good people working at these places on the ground, that there are some at the top who do not want humans to thrive? Only then, when we stop trusting them, as sad as that can be to accept, can we can stop letting them control our thinking. Many of us are seeing this now, but it’s very hard when your friends, co-workers and families are still buying in.

I promise you, many, many humans are awakening and not participating in this boondoggle any longer. Many are still afraid to speak up out of fear of judgment. (As you know, I basically just do it anyway.

We must speak out against this. Someone must say “this is crazy, why are we doing this?” History shows us that great tragedy can come from people who really believed they were doing the right thing.

We ARE moving into the New Earth of freedom, joy and thriving. I feel very blessed to be connecting with so many similar souls. But my heart breaks for those who are still in this system.

It’s time to say enough is enough. Set yourself free! We can’t live like this anymore. Be brave. Just say no. Do not comply. This is how we shift into higher vibrations.

Breathe. Come back into the pre-frontal cortex of rational thought. Breathe again. Connect with your heart.

Then, speak. Speak. Speak. Activate your throat chakra. Invoke energy of Archangel Michael, the warrior of light and courage. Bring in the energy of Archangel Gabriel, the communicator of truth.

And if you’re not using your voice to speak, please ask yourself what is holding you back. We need as many voices as possible to say “No. This is wrong.” No more worrying about alienating your fan base. No more worrying about offending someone who misconstrues your point. No more hiding.

It’s all hands on deck. We can hold a high vibration and also speak at the same time.

Yes, we are in the age of awakening, yes we are in a positive timeline. But we also have free will. And this free will means that we must overcome our desire to hide out of fear of conflict, of rocking the boat, to use our voice and loudly proclaim what is right, just and simply how humans should treat other humans.

I hope you will join me and many others who are doing our best to carry the torch leading us to the new paradigm of unity, love, empathy, kindness, compassion and inclusivity – for all. No matter what.

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