Ascend Into Light by Separating from Ego (a.k.a. the Inner Critic)

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Dear holder of truth,

Well, these times are beautiful, bewildering, confusing and fascinating. I personally have been spending a lot of time with our homeschooling community (coaching soccer for kids!), with my soul friends, with my sister (blood and soul sister) and supporting clients in healing trauma and in connecting with their Inner Child, all in the name of self-love.

My Tools for the Awakening book has been making its way into many hands (including local bookstores), and I have heard such beautiful stories of people buying a copy for a friend, and moving through the book on their own with deep shifting occurring. It is an organic, grassroots process which is truly amazing to watch.

In the New Earth Collective recently, we have been learning self-sufficiency skills (like making apple cider) vinegar together, and recently we did a powerful lightbody activation. I guided us through this experience based on an old channeled book someone had given me – which literally fell off my bookshelf asking me to open it. As we learned about each level of lightbody (from the 1st level to the 12th level, similar to dimensions), we then invoked the light. It was an incredible activation that left many of us speechless.

In the midst of allowing this light in, many of us, myself included, are finding ourselves confronted with the dark shadows too.

We must clear the darkness to allow the light.

And we can only know the light by acknowledging the dark.

For me personally, the head-scratching nature of “cancel culture” has left me fascinated. The disappearing of old friendships and the dimensional split of those mired in 3D drama versus those ascending into 5D has never been so palpable.

From a higher, Divine perspective, we understand it.

Everyone moves into higher states of consciousness at their own rates.

But, from the practical, human perspective, the loss of relationships (and of jobs, living situations and ways of being) is still a grieving process we are going through. We must allow ourselves to heal and to reassure our Inner Child(s) that we are okay.

If we don’t take time to heal, our negative, protective Ego can rear its head.

It can focus on internalizing blame (why we are not enough or bad). Or it can shift toward externalizing blame onto others (that they are bad/wrong).

This is the work we are being asked to do right now. Breaking ancestral patterns, healing our past life trauma and separating from the voice of Ego, otherwise known as the Inner Critic.

Here’s an excerpt from my book on how to understand and conquer the Inner Critic:

The Inner Critic does what it can to hold us back and to keep us safe. Like a “mean voice” in our head, it shows up as self-defeating thoughts and rationalizations. It enjoys comparing us to others. Often stemming from beliefs instilled in us in childhood, the Inner Critic is our very own subconscious saboteur.

A powerful way to separate from the Inner Critic is to personify the “mean voice.” To begin, take a moment to do a brain dump of your negative thoughts, as described in the Reframing Automatic Negative Thoughts tool in Chapter 6. Imagine that the Inner Critic is like a person living in your head telling you these unkind, unhelpful things. When we write a “goodbye letter” to this pretend person, we inform them they need to exit our lives. This can feel strange, but it’s effective!

It can be challenging to identify the Inner Critic on our own, as we are getting into our own head to pick apart our thoughts. When we are “in it,” it can be difficult to see what’s happening, like trying to understand the ocean as a droplet of water in that ocean. For this reason, I usually do this exercises one-on-one with clients. Having a neutral observer to help uncover the Inner Critic is a powerful way to separate from Ego. However, it’s still worth trying to do this Inner Critic work on your own. . .

The Inner Critic’s purpose is often to keep us small, and to prevent us from making change in our lives. It wants us to stay in a place of stasis. Keep in mind that to the Inner Critic, change = unknown = scary = bad. The Inner Critic usually wants us to feel bad about ourselves. It can tell us things that can be quite damaging. Imagine talking to a child the way we talk to ourselves! The views of the Inner Critic can appear to be an accumulation of views from people we know. Our Inner Critics may reflect the views of those closest to us.

When you embark upon this Inner Critic exercise, you will begin to see that this voice is not really who you are. In fact, it may have morphed from an innocent, gentle Inner Child to a controlling fearmonger. While the Inner Critic is born out of our protective Ego, it’s not the same as our Inner Child. It’s not gentle or kind, rather it has become a “critic” that makes us not only feel bad about ourselves but also can come up with reasons why we shouldn’t even try to feel better (which is rooted in a fear of change).

Sound familiar? This Inner Critic work is so important to do. The book can help you crack the shell, but an individual session is often needed to pick it apart. If you have the book, try it out on your own first. If you’re stuck, reach out. Having another human help us see what’s inside our heads can be illuminating.

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