Be With The Light of the Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Meditation
Dear embodier of light,

While there is joy and a feeling of love for many during the holiday season, many people are struggling right now; trying to understand what is happening in our world. That coupled with stress of holiday expectations can make life feel overwhelming. We have for so long allowed our external reality to be the source of our happiness. And we have been trained to listen to or read the news to tell us how to perceive what is occurring around us. This is the old, 3D way. We are learning how to unplug from all that. We are releasing attachment to the Ego identity of self – that we are only worthy if we have a certain job or make certain amount of money or have a certain group of friends. We are peeling away from this false illusion of who we are. And, we are plugging into the eternal truth that we are One with the Earth, One with each other, and One with the Creator (God/love/light). Yet, this is hard to do for many. It’s not familiar; it’s new. It’s different. And this can be scary! We watch the old world crumble before our eyes, and we have to see those who are mired in that world suffering more and more. And with so much sickness around us, it can be too much to bear. Yet these physical ailments also are a purging of the darkness within us and in our world. We are being squeezed with financial pressures, which are just more ways to keep us in a state of fear and control. When we remember that money scarcity is just an illusion, we can use our Divine abilities to allow in flow and reprogram our thoughts to remember that we are abundant beings (see the meditation video at the top for help with that). We are learning that we can co-create our realities with our thoughts and energy, and that the light we generate from our hearts is the most powerful electro-magnetic field there is. There is so much light right now flowing into Earth. In meditation this morning in the woods now blanketed with fresh snowfall, I felt waves of light flooding into my body. It was incredible. Well, that makes sense, I thought! All this light, as energy, can make us feel uncomfortable, even irritable or pressurized. As we approach the winter solstice, this energy is amplified. 12/21/22 is a powerful number representing an energetic anchoring and the message to keep forging ahead (the 2s) to fully create our New Earth reality (the 1s). This is a time marking the true birth of the Age of Aquarius.

The energy with us these days is palpable. There are so many light beings, especially multi-dimensional (extra-terrestrials), surrounding us right now. We can’t always feel them, but they’re there. The light with us is the light of God. It is gentle, yet strong. Often when I connect in during my morning meditations, I feel the presence of specific Ascended Masters (Jesus or Mother Mary, sometimes Buddhist Masters, often are there). But this past week, it was God. Simply the Source energy of All That Is. All I was doing is just sitting with that light. Not asking anything, not even trying to connect with it. Just allowing it, just receiving it. The energy of Mother Earth is the feminine aspect of the God energy. The masculine energy is what we have been taught in traditional religions, yet the feminine is the balance that has been missing for thousands of years. Now that is returning – the yin and the yang are emerging. On Wednesday December 21st, and the day before and after that, allow yourself to sit on the Earth and feel her energy. Take some time to honor the gifts she offers – the trees, water, rocks, soil and the creatures with life. There is nothing more to do than to just be. This time is when we begin to fully step into the 5th dimensional way of being, of being kind and compassionate and forgiving. It’s no longer about being right or knowing something, or having this or that, or figuring it out. Instead, we allow ourselves to feel, to allow, to trust and to be guided by our hearts. The Earth and her sentient beings will teach us how to do this – to learn to allow and go with the flow of energy around us. The trees sway in the wind, bending to give way to its force. The water moves around rocks in the stream. Animals know when to rest, to go inward and when to be active. 

Take time to really be with the Earth on the 21st to invite in quiet and connection. And join me this Wednesday for a virtual Winter Solstice meditation to connect deeply with this power and flow. This is the new way. For me, supporting awakening humans as they move into 5D reality has been such a blessing. I have been busier than ever helping clients from around the world to awaken by shedding the layers of Ego, learning how to tap into Divine grace (higher guidance), and healing with their Inner Child. What would it feel like to be of service to humanity in this way? It feels really good. It feels right. It feels like being in the flow of your soul purpose. Do you need to have all your s$%# figured out to do this? No. Absolutely not. In fact, our own healing is a lifelong event. But you are needed. NOW. Humans need help and you, if you’ve read this far, have a few approaches that have worked for you, that can also help someone else. You don’t have to know how. You just have to step up to the plate, with palms outstretched, ready to prepare yourself (it may take a bit of time) to be of service.

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