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We are witnessing an incredible awakening in the human race. And today is 2/2/22 – a powerful number and moment marking a shift, an “upleveling,” in our consciousness. 2s are angel numbers, very strong for 2/2/22 (which add up to 8, abundance and infinity). It’s a day that is a portal of activation and energy for all that we are birthing. We are being asked to stay the course, to continue forging ahead. All of our efforts are working. It’s a powerful message to keep doing what we’re doing. Here I share a story about something powerful that happened in the Akashic Records the other week. It was an incredible reading I did for someone who asked what planet she was originally from. What came up was absolutely amazing, and when I looked up the information later, it was confirmed. I believe this is true for many of us, and I’m going to talk about it in a video – our true origins in the galaxies – Lyra, Pleiades, Arcturus, Annunaki, etc. I share more about this in a talk and guided meditation on 2/2/22 Portal Activation: Where Am I Really From?>This excerpt from my upcoming book, Tools for the Awakening Soul: A Guide to Activate Your Intuition and Uncover Your Life’s Purpose (now its final editing stages before being sent off to the graphic designer!) describes more on the significance of Divine beings like angels who are with us today on 2/2/22:

All About Angels

The word angel means messenger of God. Angels are loving beings of light and have no Egos. They can make miracles happen by intervening in extreme circumstances. Archangels have specific, powerful energies, and can create space for opportunities, experiences and people to come into your life.
Angels are extensions of God/Divine Source energy of Love. They are the intermediaries that help humans connect more directly with God. The most well-known are the four archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. Angels are mentioned almost 300 times in the Bible. The Book of Enoch discusses the archangels Michael, Raguel, Gabriel, Uriel, and Metatron.
Islam also acknowledges four archangels. The Qu’ran mentions Gabriel (Jibrayil), Michael (Mikaaiyl), Raphael (Israfil), and Azrael (Izrael). Metatron is the most important angel in Judaism. In the Kabbalah, 10 archangels are mentioned (Metatron is chief, Sandalphon at bottom – and they work closely together).
Most angel names end in El, which means: of God or shining being. (Metatron and Sandalphon are the only angels who were once human, hence the unique suffixes. Angels have no gender but appear in male or female energies. It is said that they don’t have wings (but their brilliant aura just appears to be wings). However, angels often appear to us with wings, as that is how they have been traditionally depicted artistically.
There is a hierarchy of angels: nine orders within three choirs. The Bible does not specifically mention all nine orders, but alludes to them throughout. Pseudo Dionysis, was a Christian philosopher in the fifth century who wrote about the hierarchy of angels and taught us a lot about them. The First Choir of angels are the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. Their job is to sing the praises of God directly. The Second Choir, which consists of Dominions, Virtues and Powers, exist to enact God’s plan for the universe. The Third Choir, Principalities, Archangels and Angels, interact with humans directly
Angels want to help us. If we raise our vibration to more closely match theirs, they can more easily communicate with us. But when we are afraid, stressed, or angry, our vibration is low. If we ask angels to help us raise our vibration, they will! Bringing in light to the body, focusing on the heart, and on gratitude helps to do this.
As angels do not violate the Divine Law of Free Will, we have the ability to say no to receiving Spirit assistance. (However, angels will intervene in extreme circumstances without our conscious awareness if our Higher Self has given permission.) Free will is important to keep in mind. If we say or think I can’t connect to my angels or I don’t hear my angels, they may interpret that as not wanting their help!
Angels can best assist us when we simply ask. To do so, take a few breaths, close your eyes and focus on the intention of your request. It helps to write, sing, or shout it out loud. Try to phrase your thought or request in a positive, loving way and feel the vibration of gratitude in your heart. You may even want to write it down. This helps you align with the angelic energy for your prayer to be received.


I am in the final stages of birthing my book. It has been an incredible process, and I am VERY much ready to have it be done. I find myself wondering if it will ever be done, and wanting it to be perfect. I have picked it apart, I have dreamed about it, I have put it off. Yet I love it so much. It’s a lot like childbirth. And I have so many people helping me do this (my business coach, Heidi Symonds, my husband and my mother). It takes a whole crew to push babies (and books) out!

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