Channel this Energy… for your Highest and Best Life

The portal of 2/2/22-2/22/22 is a powerful time of light, activation and energetic upgrade. The energy during this time can help us expand into becoming our highest and best selves. What does this mean? How can we tap into this energy?

This excerpt from my book (coming out soon!), Tools for the Awakening Soul: A Guide to Activate Your Intuition and Uncover Your Life’s Purpose, speaks to how we can tap into the healing, Divine energy, like riding a wave, to fully expand in our souls:

The Law of Vibration

Everything in the universe emits an energy wave. According to the laws of physics, every animal, plant, person and inanimate object has a frequency. A frequency can be defined as waves passing a certain fixed point. The state of something’s oscillating frequency is called its vibration. The term vibration also refers to the energy or light that we give off as human souls in physical bodies. (The phrase “raise your vibration” simply means to elevate your frequency into a higher state of flow, positivity and love.) Every thought and emotion emits a frequency as well. The higher our frequency, the higher we vibrate with emotions like love, compassion and joy. The lower our frequency, the lower we vibrate with emotions like fear, anger or sadness. One vibration is not necessarily better than another: they just are.

In his book The Hidden Messages of Water, Dr. Masuru Emoto describes his discovery that molecules of water, when viewed under a microscope, respond to words, thoughts or intentions (which are all vibrational) with changes in their molecular shapes. In experiments he conducted, the positive or negative frequencies of phrases spoken by a human significantly affected the formation of the water’s structure. Phrases like “I love you” and Buddhist prayers of compassion created beautiful, symmetrical, snowflake-like patterns. Phrases like “You disgust me” and the thought of “evil” caused the water to form distorted, ugly shapes.

This study showed how an intangible, invisible thing (a thought/emotion) can actually change the physical structure of another thing simply through its own vibrational frequency.

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. As we give off energy waves with our own thoughts and emotions, our thoughts and emotions contribute to the vibrations we emit. This means that every word we think and say either enhances or detracts from our vibration. Our thoughts matter!

When we feel depressed, angry or have some other heavy/dense emotion, we are in a low vibrational state. When we feel joyful, grateful or have other positive emotions, we are in a high vibrational state. This is not to say that we are doing something wrong when we feel bad. Negative emotions are a normal part of being human, and it’s important to acknowledge, explore and process these emotions so they can be released. In this sense, the goal is to abide in a higher vibrational state most of the time. We can then vibrationally align our current selves with the high vibrations of peace, joy and happiness that we seek…

To work with the a high vibration in a way that is aligned with our Higher Self, we connect with our hearts, versus our minds. When we feel a resonance in our heart with something, that’s because it’s in vibrational alignment with our bodies. The resonance we feel usually means that the situation/idea/opportunity/person is a match for our soul.

Vibrational alignment can help us to become the highest version of ourselves, which we can co-create according to our Divine Plan. I call this highest aspect of ourselves our ideal Future Self. Our Future Self is the version of us that learns its lessons, that makes choices for our highest good, and that moves us even closer toward self-actualization. I do not believe there is a predetermined blueprint for what exactly our Future Self is meant to be like in this lifetime. When we call upon our innate soul gifts from past lifetimes (as a musician, a teacher, or a healer, for instance), we move closer to becoming our best Future Self.

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