Time to Heal… Once and For All


Sometimes when we want to heal a certain issue or pattern in our lives, we cannot pinpoint where it began. It can seem like we have tried everything to remove this issue, but still the issue persists.

When we have an ongoing problem in our lives, and we cannot identify its source, the problem almost definitely is from a past life.

Our souls have been here before – in fact many times! Learning about our past lives can help us access information about other lifetimes we have lived – to bring about healing in this one.

I used to have deep-seated fears about doing intuitive and spiritual work as a business. Even with meditation and clearing out fear and doubt, I still felt something deeper, and something very old, holding me back.

Like many women these days, I believed I had been persecuted in a past life for being intuitive. When I finally viewed a past life in the Akashic Records, this was confirmed. I picked up on a scene in which I had been drowned for teaching children in a village to connect with spirits. In that lifetime, I did not understand why the parents of these children were so angry at me. I felt that I was only trying to help. This story of “trying to help” is a theme that I have carried with me in this lifetime. In recent years, I have done my best to break this pattern by asking others if they want support before trying to “help” them.

That wasn’t the only lifetime where I was persecuted for doing intuitive work. I have always had a mild claustrophobia in hot, dark, enclosed spaces. I do not enjoy saunas, and the one time I was in a sweat lodge, I was very uncomfortable. I now realize that I may have been buried alive in a former life, probably for being too “witchy.” I have had glimpses of that death experience in the Akashic Records, but not much more than a brief snapshot. I believe I am not yet being shown that lifetime in the Records as it’s still too traumatic for me to re-live.

And yet, in this lifetime, I was given an opportunity to heal this past life trauma through current events.

This past weekend, my husband and I went away for the weekend. There was a sauna, and I decided to go in. After sitting for a few moments, the thought “I don’t want to die” came up. I started worrying that someone might block me in by barricading the door. It was amazing how irrational my thought was. I almost started crying. Then I invited in new thoughts, using my hypnotherapy training: I am safe. This is healing. I am safe. This is healing. I closed my eyes, I breathed. And I stayed in for about 20 minutes. It was challenging, but I did it. Something shifted in me, and I felt a release.

With this present-day experience and by re-living a few of these past lives in my Akashic Records and in past life regressions, I have been able to let go of a lot of past life fear. When any fear surfaces now, I am able to understand that this fear isn’t mine – it does not belong to me, but to my past life selves.

Similarly, if you are interested in clearing away old patterns/thoughts, a wonderful way to do that is by learning how to access the Akashic Records in an upcoming, live online class series, How to Read the Akashic Records. It is hands-down the best way to understand how to heal, where the pattern comes from, and how to release it. The Akashic Records are here for us all to tap into, and I believe that our world could be transformed once we learn how to do so! In this class you’ll also receive a certificate as an Akashic Records Reader to do readings for others if you so choose. Are you ready? If you’re curious, then you are!

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