How to Receive Intuitive Guidance


Many people want to open up to their psychic senses and connect with a higher realm, but are not sure how.

Let’s examine first what intuition is exactly, and then explore how to open up our intuition.

World civilizations describe intuition differently. The Hindu and Buddhist faiths speak of “chakras” as our seven centers of spiritual psychic-energy power in our bodies. One of these is the “third eye” – the gateway to psychic powers that one achieves through meditation. Sufi Islam refers to “kashf,” personal Divine revelation that allows the heart to uncover higher truths. The Jewish faith speaks of “chokmah” as the soul’s power of intuitive insight. And Christianity alludes to revelations from the Holy Spirit, angels and saints in Divine communication.

Too few of us, however, have been taught how to activate our intuition.

If you’re like most adults today, you were educated in public schools and learned mostly to think superficially and “inside the box.” In Western society, we have been conditioned that what we see in front of our faces is the only thing that is real. Physical “proof” is needed to support our ideas and beliefs. Most of us have been led to believe that anything imaginary or creative is just “woo-woo” – not real or important.

This is especially heart-breaking for young children, who often are told by adults that they are making up stories when sharing their experiences with Spirit. Having come from the realm of Spirit very recently at that young age, children are directly linked to the Source energy of God. “Invisible friends” may actually be spirits who have passed on! Children can see these spirits more easily than we adults can. (In accordance with the Divine Law of Free Will, if we believe that we are not able see spirits, then we won’t.)

Young children also remember their past lives very easily, and can offer a wealth of information to adults if we only cared to listen. My own children used to talk about their past lives quite a bit as young people. Due to the Divine Law of Amnesia, we come into each life with no memory of our past lives. However, sometimes our memories still slip through.

Because of our Western education, most of us have been taught only to operate in the left brain, versus in the right. This means that we learn to listen to our Ego (our logical, rational, fear-based mind), rooted in the left brain, versus our Higher Self (intuitive, creative, feeling-based self), which is based in the right brain.

Thankfully, we can learn how to deeply connect with our right brain more, which opens up our intuition and our connection with our Higher Self. This will allow us to feel the energy of angels, spirit guides, or anything from a higher realm based in pure love.

How do we do this? Connecting intuitively starts by accessing our feelings and using our imagination, just as children do.

Before we explore how to open the third eye and our psychic sensibilities, we must understand how the realm of Spirit actually works so that we can more easily tap into it.

The universe functions on energetic waves, or on vibrations and frequencies. Every thought we think and every feeling that we have gives off a vibration, like a sound wave. This also includes our intentions and desires, specifically those from the heart. It’s said that the heart is the seat of intuition, the most powerful electromagnetic center in the body. When it comes to accessing Spirit, we are attuning our energy, or our vibration, to that of the spirit realm. Connecting to the frequency of a higher dimension is like tuning into a fuzzy AM radio station. It can take time to get used to. When we really understand how this process works, we can more clearly see and hear Spirit (or a specific light being).

Due to the Law of Free Will, we can either allow or block higher guidance from speaking to us.

Spirit always respects our free will choice, and we can exercise this free will without even realizing it or intending to! Any fearful/doubtful thoughts we have about our abilities to do so can create energetic obstacles to our ability to connect.

Some people say that they do not know how to talk to their angels or guides. It’s actually much simpler than one might think! In fact, you’re probably already talking to them all the time. Our loving thoughts are probably our angels/guides (or our Higher Self) communicating with us. Still, if you want to know that you’re hearing forms of Divine guidance, you can learn to do so. Start by focusing your mind and intending to tap into a particular form of Spirit.

Because the spirit world operates on energy, we can link to our spirit guides through our own intention, or our own energy.

It’s kind of like picking up the phone to call someone. We set the desire to connect, focus our energy, and reach out.

We can speak to Spirit by simply asking to do so.

It can feel forced at first, but we are simply opening the door to allow the energy in, always based in love. Our intention creates the opening! If you want to reach your guardian angel, for instance, then imagine what this angel might feel like or look like. Then notice the energy that you feel and push deeper into that energy.

What images/thoughts/feelings float in your mind? Allow yourself to feel like you’re making it up – this is how it works!

To clearly tune into the spirit realm, take the time to work past any fears and doubts you have about working with Spirit.

When it comes to intuition, any thought that sounds like I can’t connect with Spirit, I don’t see things, or I’m not hearing my angels can actually obstruct Spirit. Negative words like these put up an invisible “stop sign,” sending the message that you don’t want the connection. Because of free will, Spirit will respect your subconscious wishes! Work around this by reframing any negative thoughts that start with I can’t/don’t with a new mantra that feels realistic and true to you. This may be something like: I’m learning to connect, I want to hear my angels, or I’m open to developing my intuition.

Remember that we all have intuitive gifts, it’s just that they often get blocked! It takes practice and intentional effort to clear any “junk” out of our energy centers.

Our words and thoughts help us receive information from Spirit.

When we just set an intention to open our intuition, we begin to do so!

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