How to Heal from the Past Two Years

I am loved

Tomorrow (Monday May 16th) is a full moon. It’s also Mercury in retrograde. This is, as always, a powerful and intense time. We continue to be ushered through the shadows of ourselves.

If there is any detritus, dirt, weeds or debris hiding out in the corners of our consciousness, this energy will find it, pull it out and show itself to us.

It will show up in the form of a conversation with someone that confounds us, a situation that is frustrating or a feeling that is old and unwanted.

It shows up in the form of a pattern that is like a bad song that gets stuck in our heads.

It won’t go away until we really examine it and pick it apart.

I could offer you a tool, a meditation or a quote to help you right now. But this time, I’m not going to do that.

Yes, even though quieting our minds, going outside and bringing in Divine guidance always can help, sometimes we just have to wait it out.

Sometimes we just have to let the energies move, let other people move through their soul lessons and just be patient and gentle with ourselves as we move through ours.

Today, I went for a long walk in the woods. I decided just to go off my regular path and follow a stream. I followed it into a marsh with ferns, through a swamp, over rock walls, and then into a spot where it eventually dried up. I was a bit worried I might get lost. But I knew if I just followed the stream back to the source (near my house), I would find my way back.

All we are doing is following the stream in our hearts.

Pause to look around, to appreciate all that we are and all that we are doing… we can notice where the energies are guiding us.

And we keep moving. Life keeps happening. We keep getting up each day, putting on a good face.

It’s been quite a long few years for us all.

Now, we are left to pick up the pieces and figure out how to move forward from here. It’s never been clearer how much the timelines are splitting, how much the realities are dividing among those who see through the programming and those who are still in the 3D matrix of control. Yet, we each awaken in our time.

Knowing all this with our conscious minds, it still doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

It doesn’t mean we don’t feel confused.

And it doesn’t mean we don’t shed tears over the lost relationships and old lives that we once lived.

Where do we go from here?

We are being beckoned into a new way of living. We have so many Divine guides supporting us.

One way to we can begin bringing in closure and visualizing our future selves living the lives that our souls truly long for is by moving forward together with like-minded lightworkers like you in the New Earth Collective.

I have been immersed in family healing and connection in the past week during our trip to MD, VA and DC (I was born in Virginia). Visiting with loved ones and sharing memories of ones who have transitioned on to the other side, reminiscing about memories and looking at ancestral patterns in my paternal and maternal bloodline has been quite a powerful experience. I am still processing it all.

Upon returning to Maine, I was blessed to see the abundance of tulips, ferns, dandelions, violets and other tiny white and lavender flowers gracing our yard. It was a reminder of the New Earth reality we have created for our family of 4. It was here, waiting for me, reminding me to rest and enjoy the fruits of my labor. (And I found a note Alice had written as a reminder for us all that we are loved!)

It’s here for you all too. Come join me and others in really processing and healing from the past 2 years as we intentionally co-create how we want our lives to be moving forward in our new futures.

It’s so important to put this vibration out into the ether, using our free will to align with that which our soul has placed before us.

These gifts are here for you too. Step up and say yes to all that Divine guidance wants to send you. It’s time!

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