Inner Child Healing to Become the Future You


These days are all about healing and clearing, for all of us. None of us escapes these opportunities for growth.

This post is a bit different as I am going to share some of my personal experiences with you.

I have been noticing a particular pattern rearing its head over the past year. I often do my own work in the Akashic Records, but I still see other healers for body work, energy work and support.

This old pattern is a tricky one that involves my Inner Child. I have been feeling her calling to me for guidance, and I have been connecting with her, and plan to have a friend help me connect with her through some guided imagery (which is what I often do for clients). It can be difficult to access these subconscious states on our own, as our protective Ego often steps in to stop us from going into places where it doesn’t feel safe (or if there’s a subconscious fear of our going through personal transition being somehow dangerous for us (as change = unknown. I write more about how to do this subconscious healing in my recent book Tools for the Awakening Soul as well.)

With parts therapy/guided imagery like Inner Child healing, there are often several “parts” of us that want to be reconciled. I have been observing that in myself – the old me and the new me wanting to come closer together as one.

Before I started my own deep spiritual work (and then sharing it with others in a business), I was not really that satisfied with life. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, but something felt “off.” Now, I have a clearer understanding of why: I was disconnected from my true, inner essence, Higher Self. But these days I feel deeply connected to my Higher Self, but my Inner Child isn’t always so sure about this. She needs to get on board with my soul expansion.

I see this occurring a lot with clients. Even when we do lots of meditation and Ego awareness work, there’s often still something that doesn’t feel quite right. It’s resistance, procrastination, even paralysis. That’s usually because there’s a need that is being met by the subconscious mind (often the Inner Child) by using old, unhelpful habits/negative coping mechanisms. In parts therapy/guided imagery (like mild hypnosis), we connect with that part, ask her what she needs, how she feels, what ideas she has for healing and then remind her that we, as our Adult Selves, have tools now to help us cope with new, positive habits… and to allow us to feel safe enough to explore our emotions in the first place.

When this reconciliation is done with our Inner Child and our Adult Self, with the mediation and support of a loving Spirit Guide comforting that child, we find that we are able to move forward. It’s kind of miraculous.

Often we are completely unaware of a feeling or a need that our Inner Child has… and one of the only ways to access it is by delving into the subconscious mind. 

This inner work is life-changing… and it’s ultimately freeing. 

Looking ahead, I can see my Future Self a year from now, doing things I visualize doing, and I know that this vision can only come to fruition if I clear the subconscious blocks holding me back from doing the things I seek.

Maybe you can connect with your Future Self a year from now too.

What will you feel like?

What might your life be like?

How might you feel?

What might be happening?

I am blessed to do this sort of inner healing and future co-creation work in hypnotherapy, in the Akashic Records, and in intuitive coaching with clients every day. (I even get to enjoy a reset, rejuvenation and revitalization time in retreats, like our Winter Self-Healing Ocean Retreat coming up just next week – still 1 overnight space and 2 day spots available!)

And, I get to watch clients begin sharing their experiences with others, which is one of the most fulfilling, soul-nourishing steps that one can take… to share our light, and what has worked for us in our own lives, with others.

The light and wisdom comes in… and then it goes out.

Our soul gifts shine through our own vibration, in our unique way. We don’t have to have it figured out… as we are always doing our own healing as long as we are alive! This is the lifetime we are meant to step into our truest purpose. And so many people need help. There’s a lot of suffering, pain and confusion. Even if you are still tending to your own wounds, you can still be of service, and continue to heal in the process. (To participate in this soul-nourishing sharing of light, there are still 2 spots in the Intuitive Guide Certificate/Soulful Work Method Program for 2023 that starts in just a few weeks!)


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