You Can Feel Better By Doing These Things

Dear friend close to my heart, As we enter into the cooler fall days of October, we have the opportunity to shift our energy to feel better. The slog of September was heavy, as we were faced with forces larger than us pushing us to look at ourselves in a different way (actually it’s our own Higher Self pushing us to work on our soul lessons!). When I am feeling stuck, I generally find that doing a variety of approaches is what makes a difference. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Bring awareness to the thoughts of the negative Ego. Thoughts like “I can’t” or “It won’t” or “I don’t” can really drag us down and aren’t usually accurate or true. Meditation (quieting the mind) helps us to notice these thoughts in the first place so we can separate from them.

  • Go outside and be with the Earth. The healing vibration (Schumann Resonance) of the Earth helps pull heavy energy off us and raise our vibration.

  • Ask for the Divine Source of love to help you. Invite in light to flow through your body and fill up your heart and each cell. We will be doing this in a few weeks at the Soul Exploration Fall Retreat (and there’s now just 1 spot left!)

  • Re-program the subconscious mind to bring in new beliefs and thoughts. I had to do this to clear the path to start my business: I had been letting an internal program run my life (and not in a good way). With hypnotherapy (private individual sessions are most effective!), I started to feel better. I began to feel more confident and starting taking action toward what I had been wanting but was afraid to do before. It was like I actually was becoming the “future self me” I had written down in a vision.

All of these approaches, along with a few others, seem to be what makes a difference in helping us feel better. I have spent a lot of time clearing my own subconscious doubts, and enjoy the opportunities I get to practice aligning with Divine energy to co-create little, magical situations in my life. Here’s a recent example: Last weekend, Chris and  went to see John Mayer perform in Boston at TD Garden. We were planning to get dinner nearby, and knew that parking could be an issue (it can take an hour to get out of the parking garage there after a concert). So we visualized a spot right near the venue and the restaurant. (And I of course asked Archangel Chamuel to help with this, the angel that helps find things.) As we were getting closer to TD Garden, we started looking. Something told me to just go right up to the restaurant, which was a 2 minute walk from the concert. We saw the reverse lights and a car backed out of a spot right between the venue and the restaurant! Chris said he had focused on this exact thing happening… and so it did. We parked and our car stayed there all evening. And, after the concert, we managed to pull out, maneuver around crowds of people without getting stuck behind cars. It was truly amazing. The odds of finding a spot (on-street , no less!) and then leaving so quickly are just incredible. I know this is a silly example of tapping into the energy of Divine Source (angels are simply expressions of this Light, of God). Trust me, I do this for bigger, more important things too, especially when it comes to people, animals or the Earth suffering. But it’s such a tangible demonstration of what happens when we put our energy and faith in higher powers. Granted, with a parking spot, neither of us carried deep limiting beliefs about our ability to find this. (But, being in a major city on a Friday night near a concert with 20,000 people, the odds were certainly high!) When we believe something can be true, and visualize it happening, we put a future blueprint into the quantum field of the Akasha, the library of all human events, situations and experiences. This makes it much more likely to occur when we focus our hearts there. This is what powerful manifesters, Olympic athletes and wise Ascended Masters do. Yet, these energies must also align with our soul plan (pre-incarnation). I am still practicing my ability to co-create my life, having fun with it! We can all do this. Just ask, focus on the energy, tap into the light in your heart, and visualize the situation unfolding (it helps to write the big things down). You have the opportunity to actually program a vision like this into your subconscious mind, creating an internal reality that then ripples out into your external reality (a Divine Law of Resonance).  Come try it out in a *free* Clear Inner Blocks with Hypnotherapy: A Free Virtual Workshop tomorrow evening, Wednesday October 11th!

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