Giving Ourselves Permission to Feel

Many of us in Maine sit with heavy hearts and souls due to the recent tragedy that occurred here, the mass shooting in Lewiston.

The grief we feel here is similar to the grief that is being felt worldwide.

I have been noticing my own feelings of sadness and sitting with them a bit.

Normally, when I feel down about something, I am able to connect in with light to help me feel better.

Yet, the experience of having strong human emotions can sometimes make it difficult to really connect with that light. If you’re naturally empathic, you may find yourself soaking up emotions that aren’t yours even more.

And what having heavy emotions is okay sometimes?

What if we are just supposed to feel crappy now and then?

In the past week, there was a lot of sadness in the towns around me, who were directly affected by this tragedy involving a number of lives lost. The heartbreak of one’s loved one or friend suddenly no longer being present in physical form is unimaginable for most of us.

I found myself feeling a sense of guilt in connecting with light, for the first time in years. I noticed that part of me didn’t want to allow myself to feel the lightness and expansion that comes with Divine light. It felt as though it wouldn’t be right for me to do this when so many others were suffering.

In fact, I wasn’t ready to move on from my own emotions. I needed to allow myself to experience the sadness for what had occurred around me.

This is generally how I believe that emotional healing works.

We allow ourselves to be present with the feelings we are experiencing, just noticing them and allowing them to be processed in our bodies.

These emotions have information for us; they ask to be felt and to be seen.

For many of us, though, we have been taught to avoid feeling uncomfortable things. We have been trained to put them away somewhere, to bury them. We have gotten used to numbing our pain with screens, food, alcohol or other coping mechanisms.

It can be scary for us to allow the deep feelings to surface. We wonder if we will be safe when we allow them to bubble up. Will we still be able to function in our daily lives? Or will we become debilitated by the darkness?

The concept of “spiritual bypassing” touches upon this notion that one must think positive all the time and maintain a “high vibration.”

I admit that I myself focus on high vibrations a lot of the time. I know that this is the best way to expand in my consciousness, and it has brought deep peace and flow into my life.

Yet, I still do my best to allow the wave of my human emotions to move through me when it comes. I swim in the pool of my emotions for a while, even with the ones that don’t feel good. And then, by tapping into my heart, or my intuition, I’ll know when it’s time to get out of the pool.

If you are feeling heavy emotions like grief, I encourage you to try doing this as well. Just sit with the emotions. Allow the tears if they want to flow, as this is an energetic release.

Give yourself permission to feel whatever emotion comes up. Know that “this too shall pass.”

The emotion is not who you are… it exists in a temporary experience.

Eventually, when ready, you probably will notice that you are ready to move on.

Things can get dicey when we attach to an emotion, when we allow it to consume or define us. This is when we are spending way too long in the pool.

This can occur with people who are particularly empathic, who often unconsciously absorb the energy of others. Out of a desire to connect with the emotions of humans around us, we can sometimes allow another person’s emotion to become our own. We can feel like we are not ourselves, feeling drained, tired, emotional and irritable for long periods of time.

And this is where the Divine light can come in…. asking for light to be with us, for higher sources of guidance to help us (I like Archangel Michael in particular to help clear away energies that don’t belong). You may also enjoy this Universal Peace meditation to invoke light for ourselves, our communities and for those suffering in the world.

There are stages of grief that we each move ebbe and flow through, in the right time.

Hope is ultimately a place that we would want to sit in. At some point, we might find a glimmer of light in the darkness. And even if it’s just a flickering candle, that’s enough to show us the way toward healing.

In the spirit of healing,


Intuitive Guides Support People in Processing Grief

Holding space for others in moving through emotions like grief is a key part of the Intuitive Guide Certificate Program.

By learning life-coaching skills in empathic listening, and asking powerful questions, past participants have been able to hold powerful space by connecting with Divine light.

You’ll learn how to support clients in moving past heavy emotions, and calling upon higher guidance to help them. The intuitive life-coaching skills you’ll gain, including Ego work with specific tools, teaching mindfulness/meditation, offering guided meditation and guided imagery to clear blocks in the subconscious mind, learning about energy/vibration and Divine Laws of Resonance/Attraction to help clients step into their ideal Future Selves and helping clients connect with their Inner Child.

The process of being an Intuitive Guide is so much about developing our own spiritual connection (in whatever higher source feels right to you) to help guide your life coaching work with others. The container of support you create with the client is guided by Spirit.

You’ll learn how to approach your spiritual work with others from a heart-centered place, being guided by light. This will have a ripple effect into other areas of your life as well, into relationships and opportunities.

In the words of a past participant:

“Working with Rachel Horton White has brought about insight through natural intuition. She helps you to look within and see the soul’s purpose and works with you to cultivate and grow in your light. Those looking for their soul’s purpose and those who know will find guidance and assistance in their journey. ”

— Xavier DeCosta

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