How to Break Patterns for Soul Growth

Rachel ceiba

Dear holder of a new reality,

The other day I was talking with someone who was frustrated with some people experiencing a lot of fear. She was wondering when we, as a human collective, would start living in the New Earth way of being. I shared with her my belief that we ARE already living this way.

We are existing side by side in two dimensional realities.

This can feel like two worlds overlapping, like transparencies on old overhead slide projectors that together look unified but are really in different planes of existence.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t in unity with others. Two things can be true at once.

We are being asked to love each other and have compassion and empathy for all beings.

Yet, the way we experience reality is different from someone still existing in the 3D world of the matrix of control (which is okay… it’s what their soul is ready for at this time).

In fact, I was shown this metaphor in the Akashic Records recently (and I have been studying a lot about healing birth/childhood/past life patterns).

With each passing day, with each choice we make, with each action we take, we are moving into higher states of consciousness, into a new way of being.

This has a lot to do with the soul contracts and lessons we set out to learn in this current incarnation.

The thing is, we don’t have memory of these soul plans, due to something called the Divine Law of Amnesia.

Before we are born, we pass through the “veil of forgetfulness.”

We are not meant to know, at first, what circumstances will come to us in our lives, or which past lives we have had with loved ones, or why we experience a hardship that we actually planned to break a pattern from past incarnations.

But, when we tap into the Akashic Records, we are given some hints to help us navigate our lives (and I will teach you how to do this, first in an in-person 2- hour workshop offered in March here in Maine, and then in a 6-week online class to really dive in and read your own Records and do readings for others too).

In the Akashic Records, we can access past lives and Divine guidance to learn why things are occurring in our lives that we hadn’t previously understood. And this helps us move through challenges, to break patterns and to learn lessons.

And why do we want to do all of these things? 

So we can clear away whatever has been holding us back from fully stepping into the 5D New Earth way of living.

We will know we are living in the New Earth when we feel we spend most of our time in a flow, in a sense of peace, in a state of trust and fully understanding our purpose and how to be in this life. We will likely experience challenges in relationships with other people, as we break past life patterns.

It can be hard when we don’t understand why something is happening, but when we ask our Divine guides to help us learn a lesson, we begin to move through the stages of soul growth.

I have been experiencing this way of being more and more, as I do my best to move through soul lessons.

How can we learn from challenging relationships and break karmic patterns from past lives, grow in our souls and move into 5D living?

We let our resentment go. We forgive. We release the cords of attachment (which doesn’t mean allowing disrespect or abuse – setting boundaries is often another lesson)!

This is easier said than done… but we all have the ability to heal, grow and learn. Here is an opportunity for you to do so in this Akashic Records class series.

girls sunset

This past week I was able to bask in the gifts of the Earth, on a family trip to Costa Rica. There are powerful energy vortices there that bring out this high vibration.

And when I took some time to connect in with the energy around me, the message I received was “This is for you.” The gifts of Mother Earth were in fullest expression for me, for all of us.

While in the rainforest, I had some time to really unplug from everything. One of the biggest reflections I gained was a deep appreciation for the beauty and abundance of the Earth. Clearly, in a lush, verdant place like the tropics of Costa Rica, the gifts of our dear planet are in purest form – flowers, fruits, water, so much LIFE in vegetation, insects, birds, creatures. Costa Rica has a special sort of energy (which explains why so many yoga retreats are there). I have been to fair number of countries in my life thus far, and there is something (energy vortices) about this country that brings out a deep sense of peace and ease in people.

And when I returned home to Maine, even with snow covering the ground, I felt a sense of deep gratitude for the blessings of the Earth here in my own home and land. Truly, the Earth spreads her wings and stretches out her limbs to shower us with so much love – when we allow ourselves to appreciate it we begin to align with the vibration of the New Earth, here for us now!

In gratitude for the abundant gifts of our planet….

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