Robins Eggs and Throat Chakra Healing

robins eggs

Dear shifter of consciousness,

I found a tiny, blue robin’s egg on the ground the other day. I couldn’t find a nest anywhere, so figured it had been abandoned. I took it home, and my kids and husband and I talked about what to do with it – should we try to see if our chickens would sit on it so it could hatch? My husband reminded me that there is a robin’s nest on the rafters of our porch with two eggs in it already, and I could add it to that. I did some research, and it sounded like the best idea. So I added it, hoping that the parents would accept the new baby egg and raise the chick as their own.

We have been noticing a lot of animals in our lives recently – great blue herons in front of our family island spot, a porcupine nonchalantly hanging out in our backyard munching on clovers the other day, baby mice cozied up next to their mama, and a few weeks ago my son even spotted a black bear early in the morning in our side yard.

But the robin’s egg stood out to me especially.

I knew that the robin had a message for me. (Many other robins hang out with us, one had even been crashing repeatedly into our windows repeatedly earlier this spring  – we went through multiple “window bird reflector” solutions).

The animal totem of the Robin is about new beginnings and growth. Its call is cheery, like a bright, beautiful song. The egg is a gorgeous blueberry blue color, similar to the throat chakra.

As I meditated upon what I was experiencing in my life and what the robin might be trying to share with me, I realized that it was sharing something about the power of my voice.

As many of you know, I had self-published a book last year, Tools for the Awakening Soul: A Guide to Activate Your Intuition and Uncover My Life’s Purpose. I am deeply proud of this book, and poured so much energy and love into it. I have seen how much it has helped people, and have sold almost 500 copies just on my website (I did not release the book on Amazon or anywhere else). A dozen or so bookstores in Maine continue to sell it as well, and it’s been so cool to hear that book groups have been formed to read it (I recently heard about one in Texas!). Still, the idea of submitting the book to an actual publisher was daunting, and I have been delaying doing it.

When I read through the submission guidelines for other publishers, I could feel myself shrinking into my body, feeling small and insignificant. Reading their websites felt so low-vibration and 3D. I started to feel like my book wasn’t good enough and was too “out there” to be accepted in the New York City world of book agents and publishers. I was reminded of the excruciating experience of applying to competitive colleges (and getting rejected by over half of them) in high school.

A few days later, I decided it was time to remove the shadow hanging over my head of self-doubt. I laid in the grass in my yard for over an hour in meditation, bringing in light from the Earth and accessing information in my Akashic Records.

As I gazed up at the two hawks soaring overhead in the blue sky, I heard a message come in:

“Rise above.”

I knew that I needed to shift my perspective and look at my life from the lens of its higher purpose.

It’s easy to get sucked into the 3D matrix world of division, competitiveness, comparing ourselves to others and not feeling like we are enough.

I have been working on shifting this old story (based on the need to be perfect, to be liked and accepted) in the Akashic Records, with energy clearing and by reframing the thoughts I hear in my head. (Yes, I do use my own tools!) I even tunneled into the feeling one day in meditation and connected with a new past life as a Viking woman returning to my village where all my clan had vanished. As energy can be felt across time and space (in the morphogenetic field of the Akasha), I tried to help her heal from that mystifying trauma by comforting her and reminding her that she did nothing wrong.

In my current life, I have been doing much healing with my family of birth as well, which has been going amazingly well. Without words actually being spoken about the past, we have been spending lots of time together just having fun and hanging out in summer gatherings.

I know that many of you are working on shifting energy in your lives as well.

When you feel an old thought pattern or belief coming up, take some time to examine it.

Where does it come from?

What is it connected to you in your current life? Maybe you can even access the source of it in a past life (although a past life regression can release it more powerfully).

What are the thoughts in your head around that story? How can you reframe and shift them? Sometimes even just a mantra like (“I believe in myself” or “I am one with the light” – my personal favorite) can do wonders in reprogramming our minds.

And what situations are you noticing, particularly in terms of interactions with people in your life, that might be happening to help you break old patterns and heal?

This is the lifetime when we make new choices to transmute past trauma in previous bodies, and to repair generations of damage in our bloodlines. We do this through our actions and with our thoughts – through our energy.

I had asked the angels and the Masters in the Akashic Records for healing in my family… the angels helped to shift the energy (psssst….  you can learn more about how to do this in the upcoming How to Communicate with Angels class series starting this September). And the Masters told me to be patient and to not try to change anyone.

I did as they suggested and the results have been coming in… gradually.

I say this to you all to give you hope that you can do the same.

Sometimes we just need to rise above, to get a bird’s eye view of our lives of what is happening.

It can be difficult to do this, though, on our own. Sometimes we need guidance through another human, or from an outside source (often orchestrated by our Divine guidance).

An Akashic Records reading can be a powerful way to learn more about why we are experiencing something and what to do about it.

Then, once we learn about what to do, we will likely need to clear some longstanding stories/habits/beliefs/patterns. It can take time to do this. A few hypnotherapy sessions and some Ego reframing (finding new thoughts and separating from the Inner Critic voice) can help to reprogram the subconscious mind. And, as we do this healing, our Inner Child will need to be heard, seen, given a chance to offer feedback and comforted – integration with the Inner Child is one of the most healing and deeply transformational work one can do. And then, when we find there’s still something deeper, going into a past life or accessing soul information in between lives will help us pull the weed out at the root.

Becoming our highest and best selves in a process. It doesn’t happen overnight.

After being subject to years (and lifetimes) of traumas and negative programming, it can take months (years) to re-program!

It takes courage to go deep within to really ask ourselves questions about what we have long held to be true.

But now is the time. With the new moon energy in Cancer this week, it’s a perfect opportunity to set some intentions for making shifts once and for all in our lives.

I’ll see you there.

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