Things Don’t Really Work Out When We Are Disconnected

Dear friends I love,

What a busy few weeks it has been! After a lovely fall equinox gathering last night, I’m settling in to the spirit of fall – reflecting and planning.

Last week, a group of 14 people came in-person to a workshop to dive into a past life of theirs. We covered some topics (suicides and soul contracts, destiny v. free will, karma) that I didn’t expect. It was truly awesome!

As I move into autumn, I am especially looking forward to setting the tone of healing and reflection/

Over the past few months, I have been pausing to reflect on what I’ve been doing over the past 8 years in sharing light with you. It has been such an honor and a true blessing, filled with ups and downs, with with setbacks and joys, with celebrations and frustrations, with moments of self-doubt and worry and, most importantly, with moments of confidence and strength.

I have been guided to build a business by sharing light and my gifts that has sustained my family, and for that I am truly deeply grateful. I have been able to homeschool my children and be present with them while running a business at the same time! It was not easy to juggle this in the beginning and I almost gave up at multiple different times. And yet, I have persisted. How did I (and so many others like me) do this?

I have a deep faith in my higher guidance. I connect every single day with my sources of love, especially with angels, and ask them to help. And I look at my life and feel absolutely blessed by what I have been gifted with. Now, this isn’t to say everything is perfect. But it’s a flow that I am so incredibly grateful for.

Why is connecting with angels something we might want to do? Why is opening our intuition something we might want to care about?

When we are not connected to our intuition, this is what it can feel like:

  • we get frustrated with situations and life and just a general sense of being “off,” not in the flow

  • we can descend into hopelessness when events occur in our lives and we believe that the world is just cruel and randomly bad things just happen –  “life’s a b$%^# and then you die”

  • it seems that things don’t go well for us

    • The reason for this is two-fold (in my view): 1) our negative thoughts about our reality actually create more of the reality we don’t want and 2) our lack of spiritual connection in Divine love means that when we aren’t in touch with our intuition to guide us in the right direction, we can feel stuck

  • we just don’t feel good. We feel disconnected, unhappy and lost. We feel aimless and purposeless and numb ourselves from life with “soft addictions” like social media scrolling, food, alcohol, etc.

Okay, now we have covered all that icky stuff… some of you may be saying, YES, that’s me! And what do I do about it?

Onto the good, helpful part.

All the disconnection and stuck-ness you just read about above is what I used to experience.

To change my reality, the first thing I did (after starting to meditate again) was to learn about angels. I began tapping into an energy based in love and that helped me open my third eye and trust my intuition.

Things started happening… I was guided to the right people, right situations, right books and to the right classes. I began to ask for help, and I began to receive it. I began to understand how we choose situations in our lives (yes, even the hard ones) to learn from.

The most important thing that happened to me though was that I started trusting that I was being guided all the time.

And I started seeing signs that this was true – that I was being guided in beautiful, loving ways.

We don’t see it all at once, but the little things add up.

I want to invite you to join a group of 10 of us to open your intuition in a powerful way in the How to Communicate with Angels class. It starts THIS EVENING, Monday, September 25th and meets for 6 weeks (every other) on Zoom. There’s an online curriculum with lots of resources and each class is recorded for those who can’t make it live. You’ll even learn how to read the Akashic Records (a bit)! We have 1 spot left!

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