New Year’s Visualizations (That Seem to Work!)

As we enter 2024 in just a few minutes (well, maybe we already have, depending on when you read this), I have a few reflections to share with you. The last week of my December was filled with celebrations with family and then a quiet day in a seaside Maine town with my family of four for ice skating, checking out local shops and treating ourselves to a wonderful dinner. In a recent intuitive reading I received myself (gifted from my sister), the message from my guides was to receive as I much as I give. It was a powerful reminder to consciously remind myself to stop, and rest (more yin energy versus the outward yang). So today, as I enter the second day of my 46th year in this body, I receive these beautiful roses from my husband, this scarf from my mother-in-law, and these earrings my son made me (in the photo above). My intention for the upcoming year is also to rest more, to take care of myself more (in solitude, massages, walks in the woods) so that I may continue to be a vessel of light for others, especially my children. I also took some time to set intentions today for the upcoming year. But I did more than just set intentions. After accounting for what I was proud of and what I had learned (where I could have done better). I focused on what I wanted to let go of. I visualized where the energy of any stuck, old stories or energy was held in my body. I then took some time to connect with that vibration, really feel into it, and then to release it. I replaced the old energy with a positive image, either of light or some other high vibration image (or in a few cases, a beautiful sprouting plant or a wave of color appeared). After I released some stuff, I wrote down some ideas for how I could create a new reality in those specific situations, and also some additional dreams I had for the next year. I pictured myself doing things differently in my daily life (engaging in a new habit, having different conversations with people, etc). The power of visualization is very, very strong! When we take the time to imagine ourselves in a future reality, down to the details of what we are doing and saying in an average day, we are co-creating that reality and placing the vibration of it into our Akashic field of future timelines. It’s a very real Divine Law. I recommend that you do the same, if you’re so inclined. Here’s a few powerful ways to reset and recalibrate and refresh for the New Year.

  • What are you proud of? What have you accomplished that can celebrate? We often focus on the negative, so re-training our brains to notice the positive comes by noticing the good!

  • What have you learned? What didn’t go so well that you might want to make different choices around next time?

  • What do you want to release? This might be a conflict with another person, a negative habit or pattern of behavior you have fallen into. Think about something that you have been holding onto (a grudge, a story, a limiting belief). When you bring it to mind, how does it make you feel? If not so good, it’s not a vibrational match for the highest version of who you are. Let it go. It can be hard to do this… as our egos can get quite attached. You can still be safe and protected by letting this go. But what might be possible for you when you do?

  • Visualize the energy of what needs to be released in your body. Where is it? What color/shape/temperature? Spend time understanding where it comes from and what its message is. Then see if some of it can be released – sucked, drained out of your body. Replace what was once there with light, or another loving image that floats in, reclaiming your energy and releasing the old.

  • What do you want to create in your life this next year? This might be a new habit/behavior/way of being that is specifically the opposite of what you released, or maybe it’s a larger goal/dream.

  • Take time to see yourself living this way. Who are you talking to about it? What are you doing? What does it feel like? Really immerse yourself in the vision to place in firmly into the quantum realm of your Akashic Records.

You will likely notice a shifting after doing this, maybe even after a few minutes. Wishing you each all the blessings of unconditional love for you in 2024. Thank you each for being here with me all along, for your support, love and kindness. Happy New Year’s, Rachel

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