The Akashic Records of the Earth

Dear beautiful friend,

I hope you are feeling good in some way today as you read this.

I have been continuing to do things a little differently and take time for pause. After going, going, going for so long, I’m intentionally slowing down a bit for the next month or so, just doing what I had previously planned without starting anything new. (I’m really excited to begin the first class of the 2024 Intuitive Guide Program with 9 brave souls this week!)

Animals in winter will conserve their energy, only using it when needed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we humans learned to do this as well, aligning with the energies of the seasons?

In the midst of aligning with this flow, I also have been doing some behind-the-scenes work. Soon I will be revamping my website, and posting my book (at long last) on Amazon for more people to be able to access.

I also recently completed a hypnotherapy training as a “Board Certified Hypnotherapist” with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA). I will be studying even more in March on how to train people to become hypnotherapists! I can’t wait for this. (In the meantime, here’s details on hypnotherapy if your’e curious.)

I have spent some time trying to understand how to cope with the sadness I’ve felt about large portions of woods behind our home that have been cut down. In my own Akashic Records, what came up was to focus on the future of the forest, how it can heal and how resilient it is, as forests around the world always have been. I was reminded of the cycles of change, and of impermanence as a natural state of being.

I believe this is a message that we can all carry in our hearts as we witness the Earth changes occurring, due to the shifting of the poles (as I was shown in the Records).

To learn more about my own personal experience and the broader picture of what’s happening on Earth, I went into the Akashic Records of the Earth the other day. I had never done this before, and it was fascinating.

What I picked up in on was giant, ancient, moss-covered, metal door that squeaked upon being opened, as if it hadn’t been opened in long time. The inside was covered with what appeared to be crystals, along with stalactites and stalagmites. There appeared to be gnome-like creatures who were guides or guardians of Records. Then, the library of the past flooded out. Like scenes from movies being played in fast forward, flashes of the entire history of Earth began appearing. There was a cacophony of voices, scenes of war and people exploring and doing various things.  It felt like humans had been ravaging the Earth in chaos forever. But then, the further back the scenes went, there were dinosaurs. And before that, volcanoes and eruptions of fire and water appeared everywhere. I even peered into the birthing/creation of humans, and picked up on small, elf-like extraterrestial beings who had been here millions of years ago.

I could feel all that Gaia (Mother Earth) has been through, all that she has tolerated from humans. And now, she is moving into higher frequencies. Some humans will go along with her, and some won’t, all according to soul plans.

And as I am doing with the forest, we are being asked to watch Gaia rejuvenate as she always has. We are being asked to remember that nothing is more powerful than nature, not any human-made thing or element.

Perhaps you’d like to tap into information like this, for the Earth, or to guide you in your own life. For processing grief, moving through relationship challenges, or understanding more about our true soul purpose, the Akashic Records in an incredible source of information.

One way to access the guidance of your soul in this way is to join me for a guided meditation tonight on Tapping Into Our Inner Wisdom here on Zoom or in the Souls Gathering Together Facebook group, Wednesday, January 25th from 8-8:20ish pm EST. We will be accessing our Higher Selves for guidance on how to proceed in our lives on Earth during this time of great change.

And yet, there is another, more powerful way to tap into deep guidance. And that is to learn how to read your own Akashic Records.

Last month, I did a two-hour private workshop for a group of women, and in that short amount of time, they were able to access healing guidance in their Akashic Records that was quite powerful for them.

I believe that there will come a day when we all go into our Akashic Records as frequently as we look something up on the internet. The information about our eternal selves can be deeply healing and illuminating.

Come learn yourself how to read your own Records in this Accessing the Akashic Records: Online Workshop coming up this February. It could be one of the greatest gifts you give to yourselves that you can call upon again and again!

With peace, hope and appreciation,


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