As Within so Without

Short video on our inner healing

Life flows along as we continue to move forward. Sometimes it all can feel overwhelming, which can lead to a sense of paralysis about taking action. Our negative thoughts can create this, along with a dissonance in our bodies.

And that’s okay, it’s normal to react this way. Yet, at a certain level, we know that this way of being isn’t going to help us evolve and grow, and that could actually harm us over time.

What can keep us going (and what certainly has helped me) is a strong connection to higher guidance. I deeply rely on my spiritual support team to show me the way forward, and how to cope when it all can feel like too much.

Intuition is the way out (the way out is in). When we trust our heart as to what to do (or what not to do) we can feel peace and an understanding of what things we can control and what we can learn to accept, as hard as it may be.

A recent client of mine was seeking a deeper connection with her intuition to help guide her forward as to what steps to take in her healing some longstanding health issues.

She especially wanted to re-establish a relationship with the wise Ascended Master known as Jesus. Having grown up in an orthodox religion that didn’t resonate with her anymore, she had lost her connection with sources of love like Jesus and she longed to have it once again, but wasn’t sure how.

We talked about how to open her heart to light, and to quiet her mind to tune into the energy around her. Then, we went into her Akashic Records. As I was inviting Jesus to be with us, I felt his presence in my heart, as if his whole face was in my chest. It was incredibly moving and powerful. These words then came to me as a response to her question of how to connect with him:

“I am You.”

Just this simple phrase was so deeply moving. Both my client and I shed some tears.

Then what came through was: “I am already with you. Your love is who I am.”

The energy that my client felt and that came through brought her a deep sense of peace that everything was going to be okay. She also understood how some negative thoughts had actually helped create more of the unwanted health situation.

The message that Jesus was and always has been with her was incredibly comforting to her. She shared with me a few days later that she felt more connected than she had in a very long time, and that this bond has lasted since then, resulting in a lessening of her symptoms with less pain.

So many us have felt alienated from traditional religion. And yet, how can we still connect with Divine sources to help guide us? 

When we learn to open our hearts to light, to clear away subconscious blocks (like negative thoughts) and simply just ask, we open up our intuition to a real connection and knowing of what to do in everyday situations. We even open up to healing our bodies.

We will explore how to do this in the Intuition Development 101 Class. You’ll be able to share what you’re experiencing in your own life for tailored guidance with each live class.

To learn more about connect with wise guides, Ascended Masters and Divine beings, and even to God, join us in a live, 5-week online class starting in a few days, Monday, May 6th: Intuition Development 101.

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