Earth Healing Fall Retreat

We all have been through a lot in the past few years.

Many of us are experiencing deep grief and confusion around what’s happening in the world, or to our loved ones.

We know that there is a way to feel better and to heal, but it can be hard to know how to do that.

The Earth and the elements of the Earth can help with our healing. Gaia, the consciousness of Mother Earth, has the ability to transmute pain into love.

When we learn to connect with these energies of the planet (and of the trees, water, soil and rocks), it can help us in powerful ways so that we can continue moving forward toward becoming our highest and best selves. We often take these elements of the Earth for granted, but they have so much to teach us!

Taking time to get away and to do all this while we nurture our innermost being is an essential part of our healing process. It can be difficult to really unplug, unwind and rest when we are still in the busy-ness of our daily life.

“The retreat with Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting provided more peace,
centering, and spaciousness than I could have imagined.”
~ Casey G.

When we come together with a group of others in a safe, sacred space, we can amplify the energy that the Earth has to offer us for healing. This can show up in the form of nature spirits, meditation and even the energy of the water and the dirt. This can be transformational for our healing as we move into higher states of consciousness.

Cheryl Horton and I are delighted to offer an expansive weekend, an Earth Healing Fall Retreat, on the ocean of Freeport, Maine for people of all genders who are seeking to dive deeper into their souls In this retreat at a gorgeous home on the Harraseeket River, you will have a chance to connect deeply with the Earth in a variety of ways.

energy circle

My Intentions For You

After this weekend, you will likely: