Intuition Development Class 101


Many of us are becoming more aware and curious about our intuition. Learning to trust and listen to our intuition can help guide along in any area of life to what feels right, true and aligned. Did you know we ALL have “psychic” abilities? It’s just that we can block those gifts through our own fear, doubts or self-limiting thoughts. The good news is that we can clear our third eye and develop our intuition to not only help ourselves, but also to help guide others in need of assistance in their own lives.

I will be offering a “psychic development” class, called Intuition Development 101, offered live, online. You will be exposed to a full array of types of intuitive guidance to connect with (including angels, spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and the Akashic Records), and you will learn how to clear out any subconscious blocks that are preventing your intuitive growth.

As they say that “prayer is asking and meditation is listening,” you will learn how to quiet your mind so you that you can more clearly receive information from Spirit.

To connect more deeply with higher guidance, you will learn specifically about the angelic realm and how to tap into the love of angels and archangels. Lastly, you’ll learn how to read your own Akashic Records to access information about your soul purpose, life lessons, past lives and potential futures.

Overall, in this class, you will: