Life Between Life Regression Intake

Get Ready for A Journey Into the Realm of Spirit!

 I am excited to be working together with you with this life-between-life regression! This session will allow you to experience your Higher Self and connect with your guides, soul group and other Divine beings in the spirit realm.

Although you already completed the basic intake form, this is a more in-depth form for guidance sessions that include hypnotherapy.

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The following describes what our work together will be like and asks you to answer additional questions about yourself. This helps me learn more about you, and you about me, in preparation for our time together. To prepare, you will need a quiet and relaxing place for your head and arms to be supported (for virtual sessions). Please also avoid any substances beforehand (like drinking a lot of caffeine, etc.) that could affect your ability to relax. 

A life-between-life regression session is a form of hypnotherapy to connect with yourself as a soul in the spirit world connected to the loving Source of light, as well as with loved ones, spirit guides, the Council of Elders in the Akashic Records, while in a state of hypnosis. The session lasts for approximately 3 hours – including an initial 30-45 minute intake conversation followed by a 2 hour regression (approximately), with 15 minutes of processing at the end.

We will start the session with a 30-45 minute intake conversation to uncover what you would like to learn about as you access the spirit world, including specific questions you’d like to ask to the Council of Elders. We will also talk about the characteristics of the important people in your life so that you may recognize them in your soul group. We will take a short break after the intake conversation and the regression, and you can take breaks during the actual regression anytime you choose.

In the regression portion, which will last at least 2 hours, first you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation to connect with your subconscious, and then with your superconscious mind, so that you can access memories as an eternal soul. Then, you will be led to a positive childhood memory, helping you activate your ability to remember the past. With questions I ask, you will access images, feelings and memories stored in your subconscious.

You’ll be speaking aloud what you are noticing and my questions help you go deeper into the experience. From there, we journey into the womb space, accessing a positive memory in-utero. After this, we travel back into a past life to learn about who you have been in other bodies and times, and to release any old patterns carried over from that lifetime (or to remember any skills/gifts to carry with you). You are leading the experience, trusting that your subconscious will show you what you are ready to see.

From the past life, you will be guided to the moment of your last breath in that lifetime, when your soul leaves the body and rises into the spirit realm. You may meet a spirit guide or a loved one who greets you, or receive healing from a particularly hard lifetime. Based on the questions you shared in the initial conversation, you may be led to meet the members of your soul group, access your Council of Elders in the Akashic Records, uncover more about various past lives, learn about your soul mission, discover your spirit realm activities (studies, soulmates, off-planet travel) or to visit the screening room for your current life/body selection.

This is a powerful, emotionally-healing and potentially-life changing experience. A life-between-life regression is a comprehensive session that includes inner child, past life and spiritual healing. Many people feel that they have a new understanding of their soul purpose, life lessons and of how to proceed in daily living, bringing a sense of lasting peace and contentment.

Please note: if you have never experienced hypnosis before (or if you do not regularly practice meditation), it is recommend to have hypnotherapy or a past life regression before a life-between-life regression to get used to accessing an altered state of consciousness. I offer both of these modalities.

After the session, I will provide you with a tool (writing or meditation). If you are interested in additional tools, resources, videos and recommendations I offer, you are encouraged to check out my book, Tools for the Awakening Soul: A Guide to Activate Your Intuition and Uncover Your Life’s Purpose, which offers a variety of meditations, writing tools and approaches for soul expansion, or some of my online courses.

I offer additional support (not a part of this life-between-life session) to clients in the form of intuitive life/mindfulness coaching, hypnotherapy, Akashic Records readings. My life coaching style is a spiritual and practical guidance, rooted in everyday tools and in my own intuition, to support your development as a multi-faceted, luminous human. In those sessions, we are loosely using the Soulful Work™ Framework, designed to help you to evolve in your soul and in your consciousness to the highest and best version of yourself. We work on three levels: 1) with your conscious mind (coaching, goal-setting, writing), 2) with your subconscious (guided imagery, meditation, hypnotherapy) and 3) with the superconscious (developing intuition, intuitive readings).

For long-term change, you can choose to have individual sessions or to work together in an intensive healing package for a few months (2 months in the Soul Growth package and 5 months in the Future Self Activation package). I recommend booking every session about 2 weeks apart (using the certificate code you received). Most of our sessions will include a combination of hypnotherapy, regression, Akashic Records reading and Ego clearing/intuitive life coaching. The first portion of our time together will consist of us talking together and doing a writing or visualization exercise. During the second half of our session, you will either experience a hypnotherapy/regression, an Akashic Records reading should you choose, or deeper Ego clearing work. We will work together to co-create what feels right for you.

Thank you for answering the questions below as best you can. I honor and respect your privacy – this information is seen only be me.

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Waiver Statement for Hypnotherapy
As regression is a form of hypnotherapy, I am fully informed of the nature and usefulness of hypnotherapy. I understand that hypnosis is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention, and that hypnosis is generally not recommended for anyone with severe mental illness. I understand that results may vary and that there is no guarantee of results. I hereby agree and request to be hypnotized and understand that hypnosis has the potential to make positive, lasting change in my life.