Moving Through Grief

It has been a glorious spring. I have been enjoying planting seedlings and picking lilacs to grace our indoors with that sweet scent.

I have been busy with clients in deep regression/hypnotherapy sessions, and preparing a hypnotherapy certification program that I am very excited about (and will be sharing soon!). I have also been talking a lot about future on Earth, to help allay fears that some have (I talk more about that in the video above).

And also, I have been noticing grief in the collective recently.

In my own life, life on a homestead can bring hard decisions and grief.

We put one of our roosters down a few days ago, and it was surprising how m

uch it affected me. Winter was so sweet since we raised him as a chick (and we didn’t know he was going to be a rooster). His leg was sprained and while we tried to help it heal, it never did. When we took him to the vet as a chick (yes we have a chicken vet), the vet recommended euthanasia. But we felt he wanted to live, so we decided to give him a chance.

We already had another rooster (Mu Shu) our friends had given us, and those of you who know about chickens know that having two roosters in a flock is not a good idea as they will fight.

So Winter lived for another year, limping around everywhere but seeming to enjoy life, even as his leg got worse and worse and he was getting picked on more and more. He was basically isolated from the flock as Mu Shu wouldn’t let him near the hens.

Winter was held all the time, in fact he was a favorite chicken with his gentle spirit. I would pick him up regularly and listen to his soul, asking him if he wanted to keep living like this.

Recently, I was feeling the energy from him that he was ready, that the pain from his leg was getting to be too much.

So we decided to bring him in to be put down (we decided trying to do that ourselves would be too traumatic). It was a hard decision that I felt so sad about, but ultimately I knew it was a the right choice to end his suffering and release him from his body.

I have been thinking a lot about life and death recently, working with clients with terminal illness and hearing about a family in our homeschool community who just experienced a tragic loss. A close family member of mine also is dealing with a serious illness.

There’s so much more I could share about that, but for now I just am observing grief, and allowing that emotion. The awareness of the eternal aspect of souls brings me comfort, and yet we miss those in physical form deeply.

If you are experiencing grief, I hope you can allow yourself to be with the emotion, to let it wash over and through you.

Grief may never go away, but its energy can evolve to be one that we can live with. Beneath sadness, there is always love. ❤️

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