Past Life Regression Intake

Learn About Who You Once Were

I am excited to be working together with you with this past life regression! This will help you access information about other lifetimes you have lived – to bring about healing in this one! With a foot in both metaphysical and practical worlds, I use intuitive life coaching in regression sessions to help you take action steps in your daily life.

The following describes what our work together will be like and asks you to answer additional questions about yourself. This helps me learn more about you, and you about me, in preparation for our time together. To prepare, you will need a quiet and relaxing place for your head and arms to be supported (for virtual sessions). Please also avoid any substances beforehand (like drinking a lot of caffeine, etc.) that could affect your ability to relax. 

My Approach

Before the regression, we will spend some time in intuitive coaching. This is loosely based on the Soulful Work™ Framework, designed to help you to evolve in your soul and in your consciousness to the highest and best version of yourself. This framework includes working 1) with your conscious mind (coaching, goal-setting, writing), 2) with your subconscious (guided imagery, meditation, hypnotherapy) and 3) with the superconscious (developing intuition, intuitive readings).


I see you, the client, as already having the inner wisdom that you need to carry you forward. You already have the tools within you; you are not broken. You are capable, strong and powerful! There just may be some areas that are blocking you from fully realizing this truth. My role is to show you the subconscious places where you may be holding back! I will provide you with gentle suggestions, nudges, affirmations, encouragement and practical (written and visual) tools to help your brilliant self shine fully.

I listen to your words, read your emotional reactions and tap into loving, higher guidance. I help you uncover the solutions inside you already and to offer ideas and insight. But I can sometimes be “off.” I am open, honest, and forthright and see my primary job as telling you what I see, even if it may be something that is not obvious to your conscious mind. And I hope you similarly will be open and honest with me!

The Regression Portion

Past life regressions can show us patterns we have subconsciously fallen into and help us recognize and begin releasing these patterns in waking life. It is a form of hypnotherapy that allows you to access previous lifetimes while in a state of hypnosis. With questions I ask, you are guided to access images, feelings and memories stored in your subconscious. In these sessions, you speak aloud what you are experiencing and my questions help you go deeper into the life. You are leading the experience, trusting that your subconscious will show you what you are ready to see. Deep healing of unexplained fears, phobias and negative patterns can occur in these regressions. You may also experience what life is like as a soul “in-between lives,” in the realm of Spirit with guides, deceased loved ones and the loving Source of light. Please note: if you have never experienced a past life regression before (or if you do not regularly practice meditation), it is recommend to experience hypnotherapy first to get used to accessing an altered state of consciousness.

For long-term change, you can choose to have individual sessions or to work together in an intensive healing package for a few months (2 months in the Soul Growth package and 5 months in the Future Self Activation package). I recommend booking every session about 2 weeks apart (using the certificate code you received). Most of our sessions will include a combination of hypnotherapy, regression, Akashic Records reading and Ego clearing/intuitive life coaching. The first portion of our time together will consist of us talking together and doing a writing or visualization exercise. During the second half of our session, you will either experience a hypnotherapy/regression, an Akashic Records reading should you choose, or deeper Ego clearing work. We will work together to co-create what feels right for you.

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Waiver Statement for Hypnotherapy
As regression is a form of hypnotherapy, I am fully informed of the nature and usefulness of hypnotherapy. I understand that hypnosis is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention, and that hypnosis is generally not recommended for anyone with severe mental illness. I understand that results may vary and that there is no guarantee of results. I hereby agree and request to be hypnotized and understand that hypnosis has the potential to make positive, lasting change in my life.