You Are Loved


I am writing you from my room in an inn on the Maine coast, on a solo weekend retreat. It’s been a peaceful time of going on walks, reading, and lots of meditation my Akashic Records.

I needed this time as I have been quite busy recently, seeing lots of clients and supporting people as best I can.

Around this time every winter I (like many Mainers) start to feel a little “blah.” (We try to go somewhere warm every winter to get some sun and warmth, but this time we aren’t going anywhere until early spring.)

It’s especially important to look for the good things when things can get a bit monotonous (and just a little reminder that I’m offering an oceanside retreat in Maine in just a few weeks that should offer a beautiful respite!).

Here’s a little story for you of an incident that brightened my day recently, reminding me the goodness of others in a powerful way.

Last week, as I was was leaving the grocery store parking lot, I found these flowers with this note tucked under my windshield wipers. It is especially interesting since I had just bought flowers like this for Arran’s homeschool science dissection (and had picked up some early Valentines Day stuff for my crew).

I saw these on the windshield and was confused at first, thinking I had dropped some of the flowers I had just bought there.

And then I saw a note that said “You Are Loved.” It brought tears to my eyes. I have been working on being better at receiving… and here this is. A kind person who was leaving messages of love for strangers! And a gift from Spirit for me through this kind person.

I am reminded more and more every day through instances like this of the innate goodness of humans. And even though there are times I get frustrated with the average Homo Sapien, more and more I just love humans for their tender, open hearts too.

We humans are beautiful, complex creatures and we can really hurt each other at times. But deep down, we have a lot of love to give.

I hope you can receive this as a message of hope and love for yourself, especially on this week.

With appreciation and blessings,


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