12 Steps for Everyday Living

A Model for Optimal Well-being

This is a model I created to support my clients’ growth toward freedom from unhealthy habits, behaviors, beliefs and addictions. By ensuring that we are devoting energy and taking action in each of these 12 areas, we find that our life will begin to flow, that we feel a sense of accomplishment, purpose and peace overall.

Take a moment to reflect on these areas in your life and begin to make small changes to balance out the energy you are investing in each area.

1)    Take time to quiet your mind through meditation, prayer, breath or simply just “white space” every day (ideally in the morning), for at least 5 minutes, ideally 20 minutes. Then do this practice again each evening if you can.

2)    Connect with a higher power of your choosing, something more loving than yourself. Surrender to this loving essence, which is within and around you. This is also connecting with your Higher Self. Spend time outside in nature every day to connect with the healing energy of the Earth. This will also cleanse you of any low-vibration energies you may have picked up, and help you clear and protect your energy.

3)    Develop your ability to listen to the quiet, gentle voice of your intuition by beginning to have a regular conversation/communication with your higher power(s). Archangels (like Archangel Michael) are especially powerful! Ask them for help whenever you choose, for any little thing.

4)    Visualize and feel light flowing in the top of your head and through your body at least 3 times a day, for a few minutes at a time. Give thanks for the little things in your life. Say prayers for others and do good for others. This light is healing of body, mind and spirit and activates your intuition.

5)    Begin to examine, monitor and separate from negative, self-defeating thoughts, or the “false stories” of the negative Ego self with targeted writing tools, verbal processing with a coach and/or journaling.

6)    Start the process of wholly and unconditionally loving and accepting yourself with affirmations, tapping/EFT and with the help of your higher guidance. Forgive yourself completely for past “mistakes.”

7)    Receive hypnotherapy and/or guided imagery sessions to help you further separate from the blocks that are stopping you from your healing. Continue to listen to hypnotherapy recordings regularly.

8)    Commit to and write down some behavior changes, some small and some big, that are realistic and possible for you. Enlist whatever external supports you may need. Begin to journal every day on your successes, learnings and intentions to track your progress.

9)    Get support from others by connecting with peers or attending support groups regularly.

10) Tend to your physical health by eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet and regularly exercising. This includes doing stretching like yoga, Tai Chi, etc.

11)  Find joy in your life with new, fun activities that can serve as distractions. Take a class with a friend. Do something different, exciting and outside the box!

12)  Celebrate the small gains. Be gentle and patient with yourself. If you come up against a barrier, know that there is a learning there. Notice and anticipate your triggers. Remember that you are doing the best you can, and that this is a process that takes time!