Illuminating the Darkness

As I was driving to “work” (which is now Sage Wellness, a pretty sweet place to use space!), I was quieting my mind and focusing on the next thing I was going to be doing, leading a meditation class. I was reflecting on the times we were in, namely the Presidential election, which was to be held the following day. And a large bumper sticker popped into my line of sight on the car in front of me: “You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet.”  I smiled to myself, as I am now accustomed to these messages coming in funny places. I wasn’t quite sure what it meant, but I had a feeling that it meant that Trump would win.

Now, you may be thinking, that’s great, but here we are, stuck with this seemingly horrible situation. Rocketed into the dark ages. Haven’t we come so far already to be set back so much? Didn’t we work so hard to overcome racism, sexism, xenophobia, climate-change denying and basically every other “ism” that Trump seems to embody?

Well, we have. We have come so far as a society, as a consciousness. Same-sex marriage is legal and will soon be completely accepted. Very soon, it will become widely accepted for people to be born as one gender, and decide to become another (in my experiences with entities from the higher realm, they are all androgynous). We have made leaps and bounds in our views about race and not worrying about the color of skin. The Millennials, whatever generation is behind them are more open-minded than we could have ever imagined. The generations that are being born today (including my own children), are here, I believe, to help us heal. To ask for and receive forgiveness (have you noticed how much we have to learn from the Native people of our lands?). To teach us how to love unconditionally. Children now will grow up in a culture of humans (for the most part) that takes acceptance as a given, that knows why meditation is so important, and that cares for and nurtures the Earth in ways that it hasn’t in thousands of years.

This is the flaring of the candle before it is extinguished. The last hurrah of the old, broken and dying system of greed and capitalism. Trump’s election is our dowsing of cold water to wake us up in the morning. It is our unpleasant shock. It is our call to action. But not just action of “fight against.” It is an action of “building towards.” And as the wise elder Joanna Macy says (I was just at her transformative gathering this past weekend in New Mexico), we must begin to do things differently this time.  The old yelling about what we don’t like in the current President (didn’t we already do that with all the Bushes?) is not enough anymore. This time, we must approach things differently.

We must look into our inner selves to guide us. Our intuition. Our inner knowing. It is a real energy that can provide us exceptional guidance in our lives, and for our planet. And it is not just a “well, yes, that would be a good thing to do” thing anymore. This new approach is imperative for our survival as a human race, and for the Earth’s survival. We must stop this pattern of destruction. And we must awaken to the fact that we have been programmed, yes, programmed, through thousands of years in a system based on profit, greed and destruction of the Earth, designed to keep us from understanding our true Higher selves. A system that has no respect for life of any kind, that is based on much illusion and deception (even people that we might believe are out for our best interests may mostly be attending to the interests of corporations). A system that has used public schooling to get us to think inside and only inside of a box, oppressive workplaces to keep us feeling small, drugs to sicken us and increase our dependence on pharmaceutical companies, and mass media (television and even some modern technology) to keep us living in fear and numbness. Yes, folks. It’s all coming out of the woodwork, now!

This is a call to us collectively to come out of our slumber (it has been an eons-long slumber) and face the truth that saddens so many of us (myself included). It’s kind of like learning there is no Santa Claus. Remember how that felt? Well, eventually we all accepted it.. so it will get better. For me, I have gone through the grieving process when I started to connect the dots. And we all will go through our own experience with grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression… and then acceptance. You may go in and out of each phase. Take a moment, right now, to notice which you may be experiencing now. I still continue to ebb and flow through each. (We will explore these emotions and more tomorrow, on Inauguration Day, at the invocation/meditation event I’m hosting called We Choose Love.)

I had not yet shared this publicly with such vigor, as I knew that the time was not right. But the time is now. This is our chance. We can take back power as consumers and refuse to buy from companies that harm the Earth, other humans or animals. We can buy from socially and environmentally-conscious companies that we know are doing their best to be what my friend Seth Leaf Pruzansky calls “conscious-preneurs” (and he is one of them with his company Tourmaline Spring!). We can stand up for what we believe in (remember what Martin Luther King and Gandhi did with peaceful, loving non-resistance?), but also learn to have compassion for, and even forgive, our “enemies.” Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Well, maybe sometimes it seems that they know and just don’t care, but on a subconscious level, they may not understand the impact they have. They rationalize (ever heard of the unfortunate term “collateral damage”?) and may honestly believe that they are doing the right thing. When your primary motivation is power, as it for many in control (for now), you will always be led astray. When your primary motivation is love, as its many, many people who are healing, and leading, and teaching (just go to alternative sources to learn about them), you will work to bring light to the darkness. May more of us bring light to what has been in the dark for so long. May it fuel us forward in our paths to co-create a world that we are proud to pass on to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We care for them too much to allow this to go on any longer.

One last thing, before I leave you. I understand more and more that my work in Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting is to help assist people in listening to their true, Higher selves. I do this in multiple ways, as you know. Articles, blog posts, workshops, etc. And classes (my first live class is starting next week) that mimic the transformation I have experienced in my own life to a place I never could have imagined several years ago. Hope you’ll join us if you’re interested in evolving to a place of healing, truth and purpose in your own life.)

In the words of that incredible visionary and spiritual leader, Martin Luther King Jr,

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

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