It’s Getting Interesting…


It’s getting interesting, isn’t it? The energy in the air these days is a bit tense. Mercury goes into retrograde on December 3rd, and it’s going to be a big month filled with shifting and moving of energy.

In this time, be sure to communicate clearly and compassionately with others… it’s best to avoid making assumptions and allowing ourselves to get triggered… assume the best of intentions, come back to your breath, and remember that we’re all in this together.

Things can get sticky otherwise. Having heart-to-heart, open conversations can assuage any awkwardness or hurt feelings. Feel this energy, come to light in your heart, and connect with the heart of the person you’re communicating with.

The good news is that in this time, what’s “stuck” can get unstuck. So seize that energy! Follow the urge to get started on that project you’ve been putting off! Take care of anything that has been nudging you for a while, start learning something new. Go inward and go deep.

We are being called upon, yes we all, to begin to shed the layers of subconscious, limiting beliefs of the negative Ego self. It is not always pretty or fun. But it is how we will begin to understand how connected we all are. In spite of what the mainstream media might tell us, we live in a world filled with loving, kind and compassionate people who want to do the best thing. It’s just that we don’t all know how.

It’s not your fault. We have all been programmed (I know that’s kind of a scary word, but it helps to understand the depth of what we’re going through) for a long time. It often starts with usually our parents, sharing what they were taught (as well-intentioned they may have been) with us as children, by mainstream media and with the pressure to “consume, be afraid and stay angry at each other,” and continues with traditional public schooling. Thankfully, with many teachers (bless them!!) and even some administrators doing their best to make change, and with parents exposing their children to more nature-based, experiential learning and limiting TV/screen time, this is changing. And I believe that it will continue to change. But we are not there yet.


It is up to you. And me, and all of us. We must continue to re-train ourselves how to do this. We have never been taught how powerful we are. We have more healing and magical abilities than we can possibly imagine. The gifts of Jesus, Buddha, Yoginanda and others are accessible to us all. But we have never been taught this in any traditional school, in fact it may have been hidden from us.

We can learn to activate ourselves, activate the light within our hearts and spread this to others around us. We can learn more about how our brain works so that the left and right brains, the Ego and the Higher selves, can more fully work together so we can be spiritual in a practical world (I’m going to be integrating hypnotherapy and guided imagery into more meditationsfree meditations bi-monthly on Monday mornings – and workshops).

And we must understand that we will need to deal with our shadow sides, with our pain, to more fully expand in our consciousness and heal our world. This might come from trauma or learned experiences in this lifetime, or even from past lifetimes (stay tuned for free Akashic Records readings I’ll be offering next year).

For me personally, I find that the only way I can get through this time is to work with light. Yes, light. Sounds so simple, right? I expand a ball of light in my heart every morning and spread it throughout my body, and a few feet beyond my body. When I am struggling on communicating with others, I try to send light from my heart to theirs. For someone who is suffering, I ask for light from the higher angelic realms to be with them.

And then it’s about learning to trust our intuition, the little voices from our support team from beyond helping to nudge us toward what’s best for our souls. Many people struggle to understand which is that voice and which is the negative Ego voice. Begin practicing some form of quieting the mind (even just 1 minute a day of noticing your breath), and you will learn to discern.

In the meantime, hope you’ll join some of us for workshops, in a Facebook group of souls expanding their consciousness and connecting with each other for support in-person and virtually (just request to join Souls Gathering Together).

Wishing you courage, clarity and light in this important and unprecedented time of soul evolution,

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