The Courage to Evolve

embracing shadow self

The energy right now is that of a pulling in, a going inward. This is partially due to Mercury retrograde and largely due to the seismic energetic shift in consciousness and collective awakening happening all over the planet.

We are being confronted with our shadows. We are being asked to make choices. And our choices matter. Do we choose to look at our phones or spend time with our children? Do we pick up a piece of trash on the ground, or walk on by, assuming that it’s not our problem? Do we smile or offer a kind word or gesture, to the homeless person we pass by on the street, or do we walk on by, pretending not to see them?

Yes, these small moments do matter. Even if it seems that no one is looking (our souls are).

What will you choose? Will you listen to your inner voice nudging you to live how you long to live? Or will you give in to fear and worry about being different/ crazy/weird/alone/penniless? We are facing our deepest fears and we are being asked to confront them once and for all. It’s time to release them so we can fully expand into who we really are. Our souls are longing to come out and be free.

Oh, yes, it is like peeling back the layers of an onion, working through years of programming and conditioning at the hands of institutions trying to keep us feeling small, afraid and completely oblivious to our incredible, magical powers (like healing the sick by just sending light to someone suffering – like Jesus or any other mystical healer).

No one said this would be easy. Even though our natural state as humans is joy, it’s not supposed to be easy all the time. (Remember, we set this up for ourselves as part of our soul contracts.) Otherwise, how would we grow? After all, our mission with each subsequent lifetime is to improve, to evolve.

So what will it be? It takes courage. It takes a lot of courage. I consider myself to be a pretty brave person, but I have been confronting my shadow sides too, and it takes a lot of inner discipline, faith, patience and trust in my higher guidance (I’ve been spending time in the Akashic Records).

Here are a few things that might help you in your release and expansion. Some of them may surprise you.

1)    Stop trying so much. Yes, that’s right. Just for a while. Just allow yourself to be present and stop trying. Enjoy the feeling of the sun on your face. Spend time with those you love (children and animals are especially wonderful). Yes, do visualize what you want your life to be like. Write it down. But then forget about it. Trying too hard to make something happen is based in a state of lack. And that vibration of lack cannot align with a vibration of plenty. It’s about, of course, raising your vibration, but it’s not about to be trying to live for the future all of the time, as if you’re not perfect just as you are (because you are perfect! You’re always expanding, just like the universe, but you’re also perfect). So just relax and live.

2)    Get information. Gather resources (videos, articles, websites) to help you understand what is happening to the Earth, to us humans and to you in your life. It will trigger something within you that already knows. You will remember what you have forgotten upon incarnation in your human body. This includes learning about truth and the reality that we have been living in for thousands of years. But be discerning in what you find on the internet. Many websites are based in fear, and if an article/site causes fear, it is not based in love and is not for your highest good. Find resources that resonate with you and uplift you, and that you can digest (even though it may be difficult to grasp and fully absorb as much of the information that is shocking … beyond what you have ever experienced before).

3)    Process your emotions. Once we really see what’s been done to us, it is very easy to get angry. And to go through the stages of grief, really. Denial, anger, bargaining are three that many people are going through. Hopefully depression is a temporary phase. I have noticed that sometimes people who awaken can get stuck in one phase, like anger, or maybe depression. So talk about it, move your body, scream/run/write/sing whatever it is that feels like you can express, release and hopefully move on from the emotion. Eventually, you might just reach acceptance.

4)    Develop your intuitive gifts, which we all have. By tapping into your intuition, and to the spirit realm, you will receive a level of guidance, support, encouragement and helpful information for any area of your life. Like having your own personal team of coaches/therapists/best friends at your disposal whenever you need them! I personally love angels, since they are pure love, connected directly to the highest Source of love that there is (God or whatever term you choose). And they protect me from any negative, lower energies (hence why I am writing these words now to you). And the realm of Spirit is already speaking to you anyway – it’s that quiet whisper nudging you to do good. When you begin to hone that ability to hear, listen to and trust your support team, your life will unfold. They so badly want to connect with us, we just need to hone our ability to hear/see/understand them, and then just ask for their help! You can do this by simply imagining light in your heart, like a glowing ball, every day, and expanding that light from the top of your head into the Earth, a pillar of light. This light carries healing, and it carries information (downloads of Divine universal knowledge – where else do you think I get my ideas?).  

5)    And then actually listen to and trust your intuition.  This is easier said that done. Believe me, I have spent lots of time trying to get answers from someone else. And sometimes it really helped. But after getting lots of psychic readings and personal coaching, I realized that I was seeking confirmation of what I already know. It’s just that I wasn’t trusting my intuition. Now I am and I am listening to their advice and guidance. And often that advice is completely opposite from what the “experts” tell me to do. Deep down, we all know better what is right for us than anyone else can.

It’s a strange and wonderful time to be alive. It’s incredibly exciting to think what the world will be like for our children. Yes, there will be some who choose a path of fear, and to them the reality may look no different than it does now. But for others, who choose a path of courage, their reality will be one of freedom. Freedom from limitations, freedom from confining patterns, freedom from damaging thoughts and emotions and freedom to expand, heal, love and share. It truly is a time unlike any other. Step into the flow, and experience the magic!

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