Living In Alignment With All That Is

We are just getting back from a trip Costa Rica. I felt more aligned and at peace there over a week’s time than I have in a long time (aside from moments here are there) here in the U.S.

Of course, it was a vacation. But there is something palpably different about living in other cultures like that of Costa Rica. People live more in line with the natural rhythms of the land, and just seem to enjoy life more. Working sometimes, but relaxing with friends and family a lot of the time. Less stressed and not working inside buildings or commuting in cars all day. Of course, there are aspects to living abroad (I remember this from my time in Senegal and Mexico) that are not as good as they seem, but overall there is something different there.

For many Americans, it is a battle to be aligned with our true, inner selves while here in this country. It can be hard for many to find that inner whisper when there is so much noise, so much busy-ness and so much fear being spread all the time – especially now with a new President/administration that frightens many. (This is reminiscent of September 11 – I was in Mexico then and was very glad for it.) There is a sickness in our country that has damaged so many of us. Some of us may have a sense of where the sickness comes from, but right now that doesn’t matter as much. What matters is what we do with this knowledge moving forward.

So what does this mean for us Americans? Does this mean that we all need to pack up and get out of this place? That can’t be the answer for all of us. I love Maine, and mostly I love the United States as well. It is my home; my family and friends are here.

I believe that I am supposed to be here, in my home, to make the best of the blessings that I do have here (for there are many). There are many people who are suffering in the U.S., and they need help. And there are some ways for us do this right now (with two workshops coming up this weekend – on quieting the mind and manifesting your true, abundant self) and individual guidance sessions/courses).  I am connecting with many of you as we all move closer to becoming the limitless, powerful beings that we as humans were originally created to be. But even though my purpose is partially to be in the U.S., my soul thrives when it is in more peaceful, relaxed places… like Costa Rica, Ecuador, Senegal or Mexico. I feel more at one with my fellow humans and with nature. It is easier to live a life that feels more genuine to me.

So what does that mean for me personally? Do I pack up with my family and move to Costa Rica? Or at least go there some of the time? Get a plot of land, build a house and live there several months each year? My soul would be happy with that, and possibly more effective when it gets a chance to recharge in a supportive environment. (And of course with the idea of getting a place in Costa Rica part-time – my ego-based mind wonders logistically how we would make that work. But my higher self tells me that I just need to focus on the vision and follow the opportunities/connections/messages that come!)

I had the great fortune to connect with some wise and spiritually conscious expats while in Costa Rica, not by coincidence. I know that we are finding each other for a reason, building toward a new way of living as part of the paradigm shift. And I feel that, for Chris and our family (our 5-year-old proclaimed that he LOVES Costa Rica!), that means that we live in a place where we share food and joy with other families, on a regular basis.

In our vision, we live in alignment with the land and with the animals –we have chickens, grow fresh fruit and vegetables and share food with our neighbors. Our children run free – playing with other nearby children and in green, lush open spaces, exploring and creatively learning together and with the support of loving adults. Our children speak at least several languages and play music, sing and create art and other beautiful things. I talk, meditate and share with others in groups around how to become the full expressions of our true, spiritual selves to bring about truth, abundance and joy in our everyday lives as human beings. We are outside under the stars, lying in the grass, rolling in the hills, swimming in the streams.  We are one with nature and with the Spirits of the Earth. We are truly in our essence.

But right now we are here, in Maine. Can this vision be brought to fruition in this place? Yes, I believe that it can. The cold makes the being-outdoors-all-the-time part a little tricky, but it can be worked with (greenhouses, fires, warm clothing and being near other people!).

In the meantime, how can I integrate what I experienced in Costa Rica into my everyday life – so it’s not just another vacation that I think back fondly upon and wish I were there when I’m sitting in front of my computer? I will let you know. First I will work on visualizing and manifesting .. and then share what worked for me with you if you’re interested. That is what I do. It’s not easy all the time.. I still battle with my negative-ego mind. But we came here to learn lessons as souls, and we set out a path in our lives for us to do that – a series of challenges to which we choose how to respond.

Our future lies in our connecting with each other and with nature. With making things with our hands. With using our voices to uplift our spirits. With touching and loving animals, birds and plants. With embracing children and allowing them to be free and to teach us as much as we teach them. There are people doing this already here and there, in some incredible ways, but we need more of it. We must find the courage to leave what doesn’t feel good to us anymore, to trust in the Universe and in Divine sources of love to guide and protect us and to simply just relax, slow down, and listen to our bodies and souls. I am working on this right now. Will you join me? (Seriously, if you want to, let me know.. there are many ways we can all move toward this beautiful future.) 

With the light of hope, abundance, community, joy and connection…

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