Working Out the Stuck Energy

There is some strange energy in the air. I’ve noticed that when I go to public places, people are tense, on edge. Not necessarily rude, but there is a lot of pent-up energy that needs to be processed. How can we do that? By getting quiet, by slowing down, by pausing.

For me personally, I’ve decided to do this. To go into receiving and reflecting mode. Intentionally taking time out to focus on my breath and be more passive. To pause and listen to what my inner guidance is telling me.

We often are in active mode, trying to make things happen for ourselves or for others. This is the divine masculine, which is the overriding energy that we’ve been taught. And it is important, but it’s gotten out of control, in society and in our lives.

As with everything in life, balance is needed. What about the divine feminine? Using our intuition and our feelings to receive guidance and important information? For too long this has been cast aside as unimportant or not real. And that is tragic. For we need this healing energy more than ever now.

We are in a limbo period, between an age of separation and an age of unity, and it is resulting in confusion and even anxiety! Much of this has a lot to do with the flaring out of the old, broken system, which is freaking out right now because it is losing its grip on us. It’s important to understand that our emotions are manipulated by the mainstream media to produce fear, anger and to keep us divided and distracted from the greed and corruption and even worse (and all this Russia nonsense? I believe it’s just being invented to mask the far more nefarious deeds being done by political and financial higher-ups!). Want some alternative news (despite what the mainstream media will you about this being “fake” – another smoke and mirrors tactic – here are some sources to choose from).

So what can we do about this? We must have the courage to release ourselves, to break free from what’s holding us back. The illusions that we have to work constantly to just retire someday (maybe) and keep paying bill after bill, debt after debt, all add up to modern day wage servitude. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

With all the strange energy, causing us a lot of tension and “stuckness,” an opportunity to move some of that energy out of your body and mind and soul, would be so freeing.

Writing about it takes it out of you, and helps you separate from whatever false story you’re carrying. Doing a guided meditation to tap into the subconscious (your Higher self) keeps that negative Ego voice at bay and helps you see where you can go without the heaviness or the fear! There is a lot of that holding some of us back from our true passions.. now is the time to release this!

It’s not fun to paddle upstream is it? If you are, give yourself permission to try doing things differently this time. Things won’t fall apart if you do. Try to explore and release that fear, because it might be holding you back.Notice when your actions or thoughts are rooted in a fear, and try to separate from them. Notice what feels good in your body and do more of that. And this video might help you connect with your energetic centers (chakras)!

What a relief right? You’ll know when the time comes to step out again. Listen to that gentle whisper (Higher Self) and not to the loud, nagging voice (Ego). In the end, you will be glad you did (99% guarantee).

Of course I will keep reaching, taking action and making plans, but I also will be using my feelings and intuition to guide me, to reflect and align with the natural flow the currents of the universe are carrying me. I hope the same can come to pass for you.

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