Expanding into the Great Shift in Consciousness

Do you feel different these days? Like things are shifting in your life?

There is a reason for that. Many of us are experiencing changes these days. Shedding old patterns, letting go of whatever it is in our lives that is not serving us in our lives anymore. It sometimes involves completely leaving a career field in which we have years of experience and lots of energy invested (money included). It might be a relationship that has been weighing us down. It might be simply a way of thinking and being, a habit of worry-fueled mind-chatter that we simply cannot stand to sustain any longer.

I see it over and over with clients who come to me privately claiming, “I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I feel like I’m drawn to spirituality more than ever!” They simply feel pulled to do things differently, with a knowledge that their career/old lifestyle is not fulfilling them any longer.

What is this all about? We are being called upon to activate our spiritual selves, through a massive shift in consciousness. We are being asked to summon our innermost gifts (yes, that includes you, too!) to help uplift our world, which is badly in need of healing.

I have noticed that I end up supporting, and training in a sense, almost all my clients/students similarly do work like that of my own, which is simply based on spreading love on Earth. And we all can do this in our own ways. Some of us like to use our hands to build things, some of us create beautiful music, some of us heal others with Divine light through our hands (Reiki) and some of us move our bodies to release the emotions stored there with yoga or dance. Some of us write, or make healthy food to nourish our bodies, or bring light in places that do not seem “spiritual” on the surface but that need a soulful approach more than ever (the modern workplace, for instance).

If you’re reading this now, then chances are this also applies to you. In fact, it applies to every living being since we’re all living on this Earth. It’s just that not all of us will choose to answer the call. But it’s time. Time to let go of fear and any doubts that our Ego voices will broadcast about why we can’t/shouldn’t expand ourselves and why it’s too dangerous to take some risks move closer to what simply feels right to us in our lives (for it is our feelings that can guide us intuitively).

The year is 2017. This month on August 21st we will be experiencing a total eclipse of the sun, and a new moon, on the same day. I believe that this day will be a powerful energy convergence in which our desire to change our lives will be amplified. This resonance is starting already to accelerate and get stronger. Many in the spiritual world have been talking about this shift in consciousness for years. It has been alluded to in the Mayan calendar and throughout history. It is a time when we move from a masculine, domineering, logical way of living to a feminine, receptive, intuitive way. It is a time when we begin to awaken to our true nature as powerful beings who can co-create our lives and our realities.

And we are now beginning to feel this more than ever. It’s real. It’s happening. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Our lifestyles under the old world (which some call the Piscean Age) are no longer sustainable, for us or for the planet. We must let go of our addictions to material things, to having the next best house/lawn/car/clothes/pile of money. For some of us, after having acquired all of those things, we were dismayed to find that none of these external acquisitions can truly bring happiness. We must go internally to find that truth and peace. But it takes courage, and some willingness to let go, and that’s scary.

But our old way of living has been slowly killing us all and it must stop. We have been poisoning our own food supply, bees, butterflies and other animals through pesticides on our lawns and vegetation, causing who-knows-what diseases (cancer, for one) in humans. We have been slowly destroying our own bodies by ingesting foods that are contaminated with chemicals and other non-natural processes. We have been harming the planet we live on by continuing our addiction to giant cars that pollute the air.

Why do we continue to do these things? I believe that humans are innately good, but we are also easily conditioned/swayed (at a very subconscious level) by our surroundings and especially by the media. So we are not completely to blame. But as long as we as consumers support corporations who callously destroy our world, all for more profit, and as long as we adhere to the ideal that bigger is better and we always need more, looking the other way when we are doing something we know is harmful, we will continue to suffer and so will the living beings that help to sustain us.

It is our time to take responsibility, individually. That means each of us. But start small. Don’t put pesticides on your lawn. You can have a beautiful, natural lawn without poisoning yourself, or the children and animals who play there. Buy organic (or chemical-free) when you can. Grow your own food or support local farms. Refuse to buy from companies that are harming the Earth and support those that are socially and environmentally conscious. Ride your bike to work sometimes or car pool, or get a hybrid/electric car. Spend more time with your children and less on your phone.

Let’s remember that many of the broken systems (political, health, educational, financial, etc.) that have programming our subconscious desires through television commercials, the news and other forms of mind control, want us to keep buying stuff and to stay afraid and angry.

But you don’t need to be afraid. Look around your world. Chances are it’s a pretty beautiful place. And you have higher guides helping you along the way. You will be protected and safe. You can intentionally ask (in your mind or out loud) for light and love to come into your life and you will be guided and supported the whole way.

Money does not need to hold us back as much as we think. Abundance is a natural state in the world – leaves grow abundantly on trees, water flows abundantly in rivers and streams. We have unfortunately, though, been living for years, under a profit-focused system that has manipulated money to benefit the few and oppress the many, especially in the United States. It has taught us to believe that there is not enough to go around and that we must constantly worry about money. I believe that this will change. That we will move to a new system of currency someday (maybe in our lifetimes if you’re of Generation X and younger) that will be more egalitarian and allow all to thrive. While money still is relevant for now, our fears of not being able to support ourselves often hold us back from moving toward our soul purpose. (Did you consider that, even if the worst-case scenario came to pass, you would be cared for? In many countries it is normal for friends/neighbors to share resources!).

And call upon higher guidance can help with this transition. Some of us identify with simply the universe, or Divine energy, or God, if that word doesn’t trigger you too much. Angels, both archangels and our personal guardian angels, are all around us and can perform miracles when we just ask them (we have free will so they often will not intervene unless we ask). Spirit guides, living beings who no longer incarnate, are with us all the time helping guide us in our lives. Even Ascended Masters, like Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha or Yoginanda, are there for us. When I meditate, a bearded man in a robe often shows up and hugs me. He comforts me and shows me how to love and to heal, and has appeared to me in a different form years ago in a dark time of my life. I can no longer deny that this is Jesus. So many of us hesitate to mention his name for how it has been abused in so many religions. But once I personally opened to this love, to integrating this Christ-consciousness into my life, I have felt uplifted and guided in all that I do.  

Stepping up and saying “yes, I am open to receiving this energy of love from the Earth, and from Divine guides,” takes some bravery. We all have fear in letting go, in losing control, or even in potentially opening up to other realms, or even to darker forces. Notice any fears you have and ask for them to be eased (Archangel Michael can help with that, and with any protection you need for that matter). Our fears block us from receiving the frequencies of love and transformation. Get some support from people who understand what it means to expand into your true self and what spiritual awakening is all about. Allow Divine guidance to enter and support you in your life. Let go of your fears and your life can be transformed forever, and the Earth healed by your energy, thoughts and actions.

The time has come for us to stand up for what is right. And to change our lifestyles to support what our hearts long for and what the Earth is energetically shifting toward anyway.

This month on the solar eclipse, wherever you are, take a moment to set some intentions for how you want to change your life. Get some friends to do this with you, hold each other accountable. Start small with just a few changes. And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do it all at once. Little things make the difference over time.

Each of these individual changes we make, internally and externally, will contribute to the mass consciousness shift and will uplift the planet and all of its beings. I believe that this is already happening, but it can happen more quickly with your help.

May we have the courage to adapt and grow with the shift for our collective healing.

P.S. Some upcoming workshops can help you further expand into your true self: a virtual one in September on breaking free from fear to co-create your life, and several more in August on expanding your intuition to communicate with angel/spirit guides, working with the “law of attraction,” and manifesting your true self.”

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