Balancing the Worlds Within

In this great shifting, we are in uncharted territory. We long to be more at one with nature, outside, getting our hands in the dirt, making something that is of the Earth.

But then we go and check email on our smartphones and work on our laptops.

How can we reconcile what seems like a paradox? Maybe it is just the new age we are in. Maybe it’s okay to use technology to our advantage, but in moderation. Noticing when we are becoming addicted to it and weaning ourselves off.

I have been trying to wean myself off electronics, but as a writer, I need my laptop to type. So I got myself some “earthing” contraptions to help reduce the electromagnetic frequencies I have been picking up (next step is to reduce the time our wireless is on and remove our smart meter).

We are in between worlds, moving from the old to the new. The old Earth to the new Earth. And we are in between worlds within ourselves too. It’s an adjustment, a balancing. Maybe it isn’t practical to live without a cellphone (or difficult if you’re going to try to function in modern society). But it’s not healthy to live tethered to a cellphone either, checking it thousands of times per day. Where is the balance?

I have been battling with balance within myself too. I left my old career to share light in some way. Maybe part of me thought that it would be a whole, new, amazing way of life. But when you step out more into the public eye, and when you’re making a business out of it, things can get blurry.

I have been noticing conflicting emotions within myself. Sometimes I get tired. But then I am reinvigorated with purpose to help people awaken and end their suffering, as much as possible.

For me, the only answer is coming back to my heart. To the love I feel for humanity, and for our Earth (sometimes it feels more like the latter). It is almost as if I don’t have a choice. How much do I want our planet to survive? For there to be a place for my children to grow and thrive? What kind of a world do I want my children to inherit?

And this re-invigorates me. This is my purpose. This is why I’m here. And I intend to keep marching on, following my orders. Because they are, in fact, MY orders (from my higher self that is). What about you? What are your marching orders? What is it you are here to do to help make the world a better place? Share in the comments here, I’d love to hear!


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