Be Gentle With Yourselves

Sometimes I like to share downloaded messages of light. May this be of service in some way.

When you feel and know that you are unconditionally loved, and when you allow yourself to fully and wholeheartedly love yourselves, you will be healed. And your healing leads to the healing of others.

You are so hard on yourselves as humans. You push yourselves. You strive to be better. This is good at its core, but not when you strive and feel bad about who you are. About not being enough as you are.

Dear ones, we want you to know that you are perfect as you are. You are perfectly imperfect and this is just as it should be.

Look to the messages and essences of nature and you will see perfection as well as imperfection. At its core, the creation of each living thing is perfect. Then external circumstances affect each thing, and damage can be done. And then what you may call imperfection occurs. But how would you grow without coming from some imperfection?

We want you to learn to love and accept yourselves. You are doing the best you can, every day. And we are so proud of you and amazed by how much you have overcome to get to where you are. It takes courage, friends, and you demonstrate this courage deeply.

 Be gentle with yourselves. Rest when your body wants rest. Smile whenever you can. It’s okay to allow yourselves to be happy, even if others are suffering. Help them when you can, but do not take on their suffering.

We send you our love and deep respect.

– A message from the energy of Mother Mary

(Note that Mother Mary is known as an Ascended Master, beings of light who were once human and are here to help us grow in our consciousness. Others include Buddha, Yogananda, Jesus, St. Germain, etc. They often like to speak as a collective, de-identifying with their individual egos, which is why you see reference to “we” here. )

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