Guardian Angels Among Us

I always knew that there was something else out there, something beyond that which I could see with my eyes.

My first experience with intuition was through my connection with my mother. When I was a baby, she told me that whenever she would think about me, I would wake up. I would hear stories about her and my dad “reading each other’s minds” when they were living in Ugand

 As a child, I was fascinated with “psychic stuff” and even wrote a report on ESP (extra-sensory perception) in 4th grade.

 As I grew into a teenager, I would have vivid dreams, some of which would come true. I remember telling my mother that I had a dream that she was pregnant (and she was). Then, when I was about 13, we moved to a new town, and I was very unhappy, angry and lonely. It was then that I started having nightmares with horrible, twisted faces and scary situations. I would wake up in a sweat and feel like my room was pulsing. I started to wonder if I was losing my mind at times, but I also felt like there was something not benevolent around me.

It was then that I started imagining a bubble of light around my body. I do not know why, but to fall asleep, I would picture this light as protecting me, and the bad stuff was not able to enter in.

 In hindsight, I believe that this was the guidance of my guardian angel, or the energy of Archangel Michael helping to keep me safe. The thought to visualize light around me just popped in my head, and I thought it was something that I just invented for fun. But now, I see that this was actually divine guidance that I was receiving (which can just feel like our regular thoughts).

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