Protect and Clear Your Energy

Rachel and baby Arran
Dear friends living in the great shifting, Seven 1/2 years ago this was my first baby. Seeing new life (babies being born) through those close to me, I am reminded of the miracle of helping to bring in new life. Holding these tiny little beings is like getting a taste of pure love, as babies have very recently been in that Divine realm of Source energy! While these births have seemed to stop time for a moment, when I come back home, I feel the swiftness of time passing as life seems busy and fast-paced.

The feeling of overwhelm that can seem to take over is placated when I take the time to quiet my mind each morning. This makes all the difference (if you’re not taking the time to pause and you’re feeling overwhelmed, this will almost definitely help!) Aside from keeping up with two fun and crazy kiddos, my life is about to slow down to a manageable pace. I am 2 weeks away from being finished with an intensive hypnotherapy/mindfulness/intuition program.

After a year and a half of study, it is hard to believe that my evenings will be freed up again (to help my latest “workbook” project finally see the light of day).

The Great Shifting

All of this is coupled with the intensifying energy swirling around Earth. It is activating more and more of us as we continue to shed our layers of conditioning in healing our many small and big traumas.

While things that used to bother me don’t seem to be taking up as much space in my head anymore, I notice that a few patterns still need to be cleared, mostly in relationships with other people (which can be done in the Akashic records).

Many of us are noticing how much we are picking up energy from our environment and from others around us these days. Sensitive people especially may be feeling this. It can show up as unexplained sadness or anger that seems to come from nowhere.

I have personally seen people become debilitated who are extremely empathic (or clairsentient). If you find yourself becoming exhausted by being around other people, or feeling unexplained emotions that don’t seem to be your own, then this is probably you.

Protect Your Energy

We can learn to better protect, ground and clear ourselves from absorbing the emotions of others around us. It can take some discipline to start doing this, but once it’s a habit, it becomes easier. Some tools for grounding my energy and clearing anything you want to release include: – Protecting yourself with a bubble of golden light – Connecting with the protective energy of Archangel Michael – Spending time outdoors, and placing your hands and bare feet on the earth – Calling energy back into your crown chakra – Taking salt baths – Doing visualizations to clear and release low-vibration energy (like through a “sacred room”)

What Does Your Heart Most Desire?

For those of you reading this, what are you noticing energetically is happening in your life? What old situations are coming to be dealt with once and for all?

What energy needs to be cleared? What cords of dependency/negativity need to be cut? Who can you forgive in your life?  Leave a comment on what you’re experiencing here.

P. S.

When all else fails, just take a moment to observe what you’re feeling. Breathe deeply into your heart, and ask your heart what it most desires. An open-ended questions leaves room for your intuition to speak up. What am I feeling? Is this decision based on a fear or based on what feels right? What does my heart most desire in this situation? You might be surprised at what your heart tells you.

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