On Letting Go (A Message from Jesus and Ascended Masters)

You have been working so hard. Now is a wonderful time to rest. When you allow your body to integrate all the energy that you are receiving, you are becoming fully healed, you are becoming whole.

We do not expect you to know what is happening, or understand it. But you can feel it. Allow yourself to move into the tightness, into the pain, into the sorrow. Explore these emotions and sensations. They have information for you. They want to communicate with you. So many humans push these emotions away. Now is the time to let them free. Do not be afraid.

You are breaking so many patterns, and this is an adjustment period. There can be a holding-on, or a resistance to release that which is comfortable. This includes feelings that you are used to, even the unpleasant ones, since they are like security blankets to you.

Allow yourself, as much as you can, to let go of expectation, to flow with where the energy you feel all around you seems to be guiding you, to stop fighting what you know is right. When we fight against an oncoming current in the ocean, we lose every time. The current is much stronger than we are. When we allow the current to carry us, we can be gently dropped into our right place.

And this is the path of freedom.

We send you our blessings and love, as always.

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