Healing for All Sentient Beings

There’s been so much heaviness recently. It is almost too much to bear. The suffering of the animals in Australia has been heart-wrenching. I have found myself just crying and crying at the horror of it all.

And personally, something occurred, reminiscent of past experiences, that has brought me great pain recently. Toxic, abusive, destructive masculinity that is fighting as best it can to stop its eventual demise is rearing its head at every level of our vibrations these days. But as I process and heal from this, I see how I am simply just reclaiming my power, bringing it back to where it belongs.

But, after going outside and communing with one of my best friends and advisors (a tree in the backyard), I felt so much healing and peace, it was like a wave of love… hard to describe.

I believe that all of this stuff (feels like a whole pile of crap) is coming to the surface to help us shed it. We can’t treat what we can’t see.

In Australia, there is a place called Uluru that is known to be a portal for high-vibrational, loving frequencies to come in for the planet. It is no coincidence that these fires were set (by forces of darkness) to try to stop this, to destroy the life that was there to hold this vibration.

I believe the light will prevail. Many of us, animals and humans, are here to hold the vibration of light and of pure love. While we feel great pain and sorrow for the destruction that has been done, that has been done for thousands of years, the Divine feminine is coming back. The Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene vibration of gentle healing and quiet power. The Shakti. Archangel Ariel. Gaia. And the common thread is of the Christed self that we embody deep within our DNA.

Let’s hold onto the hope, buried beneath the anger and heartbreak. These emotions have information for us, and they can set us free. No more pushing them down. Feel the sorrow, channel that into light. As women, in particular, we are being called upon to activate our Divine life-giving power for great healing. We witches of years past.

My kids and I will be praying for rain and for light to enter the hearts of those responsible to come into love. We can all do this, for just a few minutes even, every day, to help hold this light and healing. May it be so. And so it is.

Photo by Joseph Perez of Unsplash.

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