The Truth about our Origins (in the Stars)

It has been an interesting time recently. It has felt heavy and hard at times, but also like things are brewing beneath the surface. We are receiving so much energy that our bodies need to rest, and we may even get sick since our immune systems are less strong as our bodies are working hard to help us expand.

Now, here’s where I want to go deeper with you. I have been holding back some of what I believe and feel out of a desire not to freak people out too much. But for many private clients that ask me questions, and also more and more in retreats and workshops, it seems that people are hungry for information.

There is so much that we have not been told about our origins as humans, about where we really come from, and about the true history of Earth. (Yes, this has to do with coming from other galaxies/planets, aka “aliens.”) I have been hesitant to share much of what I believe in the past, for fear of being told that I was crazy, but the energies are so strong now that I feel that it is time for me to share more of this. I like to plant seeds of thought to help people awaken and expand, yet in small doses so as not to overwhelm the ego (which will reject things that seem too far from what it believes to be true).

In recent weeks, I have felt my intuition expanding rapidly. I have been doing Akashic Records readings with an incredible amount of detail pouring out that even surprises me. At first, I thought it was just one client. But, then it kept happening. And more synchronicities and numbers and divine interventions are occurring as well. For me and for you. For us all. The only thing is that some people ignore this.

The energies are getting stronger and stronger. People are awakening. More of us are uncovering the depths of magic within our souls. We are understanding more about what has been done to us as a human race, and we are freeing ourselves from the vibrational prison that we have been in.

Before I continue, I want to say that you have an “out.” If this is too much for you, I invite you to stop reading. If a part of you is curious, I invite you to stay. 

My mission here on Earth in this life is to help share light, truth and healing. I accept this mission, as challenging as it may be, and I view it as a deep privilege and honor for you to hear what I share. I am one of many, like many of you reading this, here to help bring activation.

 The way that I do this is by helping people raise their vibration to uncover the inner light and power within themselves, moving past fears, doubts, and all of the layers of Ego that tries to keep us in our safe places. I like to teach, and I so enjoy helping people go within to pull out their truth as powerful spiritual beings (through readings, hypnotherapy, regressions, and just words and energy)!

So what is this all about? I will share with you what I believe. You can take what you like, and reject the rest. You don’t need to agree, but I ask you to just suspend disbelief and keep an open heart and mind. (Even I wonder if it’s true sometimes, but over the past 3 years my feelings have only gotten stronger).

I believe that multi-dimensional beings lived for thousands of years on the planet Earth, and were very involved with early societies. You can read more about this here. We see evidence of this in the “bird-God” drawings of the Egyptians, in the pyramids, in mysterious sacred sites like Stonehenge, Easter Island, crop circles, and more. We see this in the incredible knowledge and advanced technology of the Mayans, Incans and Aztecs, and in many other indigenous societies like the Native Americans in North America. We see evidence of an early society, Atlantis and Lemuria, in the buried continents, like the Azores off the coast of Portugal (which I was blessed to visit in 2011).

You may wonder, why do we not hear about this? Well, because there was an “intervening consciousness,” I believe, that took over the planet Earth. Other beings who wanted to control the planet. The best way they could control the humans (or what evolved into humans) was to de-activate our intuition. This was done by dismantling our DNA, so that we did not have a way to receive frequencies from other galaxies that would help us know our true abilities (telepathy, telekinesis, spontaneous healing, etc). They wanted our third eye (the seat of our intuition) to stay blocked so we would not understand what was happening. And this worked for thousands of years. The energies of fear and anger were used as the tools to keep our psychic senses clouded.

As long as we kept fighting with each other, we could stay divided and distracted and they could keep us effectively as enslaved. It is very, very clever and very advanced mind-control manipulation.  We see evidence of this all the time – the endless wars that keep people fighting and keep the profits flowing, mainstream media that shares the worst news to make us feel afraid and angry, TV commercials designed to make us feel inadequate and to spend more money, a pharmaceutical industry designed to keep us numb with pills so we cannot activate our intuition, education/workplace systems of “inside the box” factory farms to make sure we do not think creatively but operate like automatons, food that poisons us and makes us sick (also fueling the pharmaceutical industry with drugs), and the list goes on. And the people running these things are the most powerful government leaders and corporate executives in the world. The decks were stacked against us pretty heavily.

But this is ALL changing. If I haven’t lost you by now, I will share a message of hope.The Mayans predicted a shift in 2012, an age of awakening. We are living that right now. With the help of angels, Ascended Masters (Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Quan Yin, Buddha, etc.), loving galactic friends like the Pleaidians (who I connect with deeply), Arturians and Sirians (as well as some that may be here on Earth right now), we are being assisted to wake up.

Yes, the Earth is shifting and climate change is happening. Yes, there will be animals that go extinct. This is part of the tragedy of what has been done to us. The toxic destructiveness of the forces controlling Earth are falling away. Yet, first we are seeing them for what they really are. We see now what has been done (and make no mistake, it is definitely not about one political party, it’s the whole system) to us. We are seeing the truth, as painful and heartbreaking and tragic and mind-blowing as it is.

People everywhere are doing things to heal the Earth, to treat animals with more love and respect, to learn how to do spiritual, healing modalities like Reiki, shamanism, psychic readings, etc. We want to live more simply and connect with our neighbors. The shift is real, and the energies have moved to a place of light and healing. Remember, people who continue to read or watch too much put out by the mainstream media, largely may not see this as easily. They will not be able to be as activated because the energies of fear and anger will block their intuitive knowing. Thankfully, though, the light is even breaking through there, every now and then. (Check out the Good News Network for positive, loving things happening around the world.)

If you are feeling this, you are not alone. You are needed. It is true, you are right, and it is time. Follow what your heart is guiding you to do, and if you would like support (if the ego is really having a field day keeping you stuck), you know where to find me. I am offering groups of support that will help you connect with other people like you as well, meeting monthly in-person as well as virtually.


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